How to replace a key on Acer Aspire laptop keyboard Repair Tutorial

This is a Video Tutorial / Guide that will show you how to install a keyboard key cap on an Acer Aspire 3810T Series Laptop. If you have a removed keycap on your laptop, this video will help you to install the key in a few minutes.

In case you have a broken keycap or hinge and you want to replace it, you can buy a replacement set from us.

Buy single keyboard keys for Acer Aspire Keyboard (glossy) 3810T, 3410T, 3820T, 4810T, 4410T and more.


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This tutorial shows step by step how to reattach a normal key on the keyboard. You can use the video to fix other keys too as the pattern of the plastic hinges are the same, just use the same method.

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