How to Save EML file in Office 365 Manually

Are you looking for a solution to solve how to save EML file in Office 365? Then you are at right platform. This write up can solve EML files to Office 365 migration issue with manual & alternative solution.

Frequently, it has been seen that EML files users’ search a direct migration solution but they fail because Outlook 365 has no import or export option for EML files. So they cannot save EML files to Office 365 directly. However, a manual trick can fulfil users’ requirement how to save EML file in Office 365. Because, the manual method is not a perfect solution for everyone so we will also describe an alternative solution. Therefore, read this blog till the end and get the complete information for solving this issue.

How to Save EML File in Office 365 Manually

The manual method is in multiple parts so if you want to know the manual method of EML files to Office 365 migration. Then follow the given parts –

Part 1. Import all EML files in Windows Live Mail

  • Collect all EML files at a location.
  • Install Windows Live Mail and configure with any login ID.
  • Then create a new folder in Windows Live Mail with any name.
  • After creating a new folder, select your EML file.
  • Drag them & drop in the newly created folder.

Part 2 Export Imported Windows Live Mail mails in Outlook

  • Re-open Windows Live Mail and check the mail folder, which want to save in Office 365.
  • Install & Configure MS Outlook and make sure that Outlook & Windows Live Mail both should install in same machine.
  • Now open WLM and go to File Menu and Export Option.
  • Click on the ‘Export Messages’ option then choose MS Exchange option.
  • Click on the newly created EML files folder that want you to save in Outlook or you can also choose all folders option and click on OK button.
  • Process will start and complete with a message.

Part 3. Export PST from Outlook

  • Open Outlook and check all imported mails.
  • Now go to File menu and Open & Export option.
  • Then choose Import/Export option and select Export to a file.
  • Tick on Outlook Data File (.pst). Click on the Next button.
  • Now choose the folder that want to generate in PST for Office 365.
  • Click on Next button and choose saving location. You can also choose other desired options.
  • Click on Finish button.

Part 4 Import PST in O365 account

Now you have exported PST file of your EML files and you have to follow the process for importing PST file in Office 365. This process is also in multiple parts. If you want to know the process of importing PST file in Office 365 in detail then you have to follow it >>

Limitation of the manual method

  • Manual method takes lots of time to save EML files in Office 365.
  • It depends on technicalities so non-technical users cannot follow it.
  • It is very lengthy and not simple so users can not simply & quickly get their EML files data in O365.
  • Windows Live Mail & Outlook both mail apps must install in same machine.

How to Save EML file in Office 365 Alternatively

If you are not satisfied with the explained manual solution and need urgent & simple EML to Office 365 migration solution then you can trust on PCVARE EML Converter that can powerfully import EML files in Office 365. It also supports batch migration for directly save all EML files to O365 at once. It has ‘I am admin’ option that can simply save EML files into other user profile of Office 365 admin account. With its ‘Change Language’ option, you can save EML files in O365 with other language.

It provides simple, advanced & perfect migration functionalities, which provide 100% accurate outcome. Download it and save 25 EML files in Office 365 at free of cost so you can try both explained methods to know how to Save EML file in Office 365 at free of cost.

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