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How To Setup Windows DHCP Server – Windows Server 2022 [ Bangla ]

Windows Server 2022 – How To Setup DHCP Server | উইন্ডোজ সার্ভার সিস্টেম ২০২০ শিখুন বাংলায় । Today we will learn how to setup a dhcp server on windows server 2022 .In this series we will learn about Windows Server 2022 and it’s services. We will start this from the very beginning to advance. Into this course we will learn installing and maintaining windows server and it’s operating systems, setting up windows domain name system DNS server, windows dynamic host control protocol DHCP server, also we will see installing windows active directory domain controller services ADDS and windows IIS WEB server. I hope you will learn everything about windows server 2022 operating systems from this video series which gonna help you in information technology, system administration and cybersecurity career. #windows #servers #mehedishakeel

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