How to share a file or folder in OneDrive


OneDrive is quite an impressive tool for storing your files in the cloud. But did you know it is possible to share your files and folders with relative ease? The answer to that question is a yes. From our extensive experience with Microsoft OneDrive, we can say for certain that it doesn’t take much to share files and folders.

How to share a file or folder in OneDrive

In this article, we are going to explain the best way to share folders in OneDrive. We will be doing this from the website rather than the app since it is easier to use, at least from our point of view, at least.

Now, we should point out that there are two ways to share folders with friends and families in OneDrive. One way is by copying a link, and the other is by sending an email to those who are important.

  1. Launch the OneDrive website
  2. Select the folder you want to share
  3. Click on Share
  4. Customize the link options
  5. Enter a name or email address

Let us discuss this in more detail.

1] Launch the OneDrive website

OK, so the first step to sharing folders is to visit the OneDrive website and be sure to sign in using your Microsoft account credentials.

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2] Select the folder you want to share

How to share a file or folder in OneDrive

From within OneDrive, after you’ve signed in with your credentials, please locate the folder you want to share, then click on the small circle at the upper corner. It is also possible to choose multiple folders to share, but bear in mind that selecting multiple folders to share is not a feature available in school and work accounts.

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3] Click on Share

After selecting the circle icon, you will now want to look at the top, where you should see the Share button. Go on ahead and click on it right away. Doing so should automatically showcase a dropdown menu with a few options to choose from.

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4] Customize the link options

Via the dropdown menu, you should see a section that says Anyone with the link can edit. Click on that because we are going to determine how the shareable link should work.

From the menu, you can choose to stick with allowing folks to edit contents within the folder by selecting Allow Editing. The option is also there to set an expiration date for the link, a password to gain access to the folder, and the ability to select Specific People.

Make your selection(s), then hit the Apply button.

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5] Enter a name or email address

We’ve now reached the point where it is time to share your folder. To get it done, go ahead and add the email address or name of third parties into the box, and finally, click on Send.

Alternatively, you can choose to select Copy Link to create a shareable link. When that is done, a new section will appear with the link for you to share. Copy it, then manually share it with families or friends. You can even post it on your website.

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