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How to Use a Raspberry Pi as a Bonded 4G / LTE Wi-Fi Router to IRL Stream on Facebook Live

*** Install Speedify on the Raspberry Pi:
*** Enable sharing over Wi-Fi with Speedify on the Raspberry Pi:

For those streaming on Facebook Live, the biggest issue is finding a reliable Internet connection that doesn’t drop when you’re in the middle of the action. In this video you will learn how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot that won’t disconnect from the Internet with a Raspberry Pi. You will be able to use this with your video streaming device to stream IRL on Facebook Live.

Get Speedify for Linux from our website: Also available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Cellular coverage is not homogenous or ubiquitous, especially when you’re at the outskirts of a city, or in an area that’s prone to poor mobile signal, like an underground passage or inside a building. That’s why it’s important to get your Internet from at least 2 different cellular carriers. This way, if one’s network fails, you can use the other.

You need a channel bonding service that can combine BOTH sources into one solid and stable connection. You need Speedify bonding VPN to create a Facebook Live IRL streaming Wi-Fi hotspot by bonding connections from 2 smartphones or cellular dongles!

For creating the uninterrupted IRL streaming experience, we used the following parts:
* Raspberry Pi 4
* Smartphones that you will tether to the Pi via USB
* Portable USB-C battery pack – to power the Raspberry Pi and, if needed, the smartphones you’ll use for connection bonding
* Smartphone or other WiFi-enabled camera to record – Go-Pro, etc.
* Backpack to carry the devices

Here’s how to get uninterrupted Internet for your Facebook Live IRL streaming using a Raspberry Pi:
1. Setup the Raspberry Pi by installing Speedify.
2. Plug the Raspberry Pi into the battery pack.
3. Connect as many smartphones or cellular adapters as you can to the Pi and enable tethering. Make sure you leave the Pi’s internal Wi-Fi card not connected so you can use it as a connection sharing interface.
4. Start the Wi-Fi hotspot – turn on Speedify and enable sharing.
To share over a Wi-Fi hotspot, select wlan0 as the sharing interface. Set a custom SSID and password for your hotspot and restart Speedify to apply the changes. If you’re using Speedify on the Pi graphically, you should see the connections show up as connection bubbles on the Speedify dashboard.
5. Connect your Facebook Live video streaming device to the Wi-Fi hotspot.
If you’re using a smartphone as your Facebook Live streaming device, you can also run Speedify on it. This way, you’ll combine the bonded connection from the Raspberry Pi via Wi-Fi with your cellular connection!

Use the Facebook app to customize your live streaming settings. While connected to the hotspot, you should be able to IRL stream in HD on the go, without worrying about weak signal.
Now go test it out for yourself! Drop us your feedback in the comments below!

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  • is there any clever people out there who can just build this working for me at a price ,

  • Good Service but it Depends on your Location .. if you are not close to Speedify / connectify servers you will not get the high speed sometime you will not even get 20 KB/ps thats crap .. May be it works for those who are closer to their servers .. as far as i know they have limited number of multiple locations

  • Tried this on a Raspberry Pi 3. Got most of it working except for the hotspot – it was unable to broadcast the SSID. Has anyone else had any success with the Pi 3?

  • Hi, I bought Speedify and a Raspberry pi 8gb version just for this but in my testing, Raspberry keeps crashing while testing the combined speed of Lan and Wifi connections. Also my Huawei E3372 modem does work with pi usb port but it doesn't show up as a connection inside Speedify App. Please help

  • Does it allow sim cards to be installed or does it require a usb dongle cellular hotspot?

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