How to Wipe External Hard Drive Permanently?

It’s time to protect your sensitive data from outsiders. How to wipe external hard drive is the most crucial question at hand. How can I erase data from an external hard disk partition?

The reason for this is because most individuals are unaware of the benefits of clearing data from an external hard drive. Let’s focus on them more closely.

Why Do People Delete Data from their External Hard Drives?

Make sure all of your data is completely erased from the external hard drive before selling or donating your old computer. If the hard drive hasn’t been completely erased, it’s risky because data thieves always have easy access to damaged computers.

Think about the potential consequences that could result from someone using your data to steal your identity, damage your business, or even obtain access to your financial accounts. Is this not abhorrent?

Therefore, the issue of deleting the external hard drive partition must be resolved.

What is the difference between Wipe and Delete, you ask?

The fundamental distinctions between Wipe/Overwrite and Delete You were unaware of it.

Many users remove all of the data from their old PC before selling it. They also believe they have sold the data after erasing it completely. That is untrue, though, as data deletion only affects the computer itself, not the hard disk.

On our hard drive, we keep all of our data. It is divided into three sections, the first of which is Visual/View Users, who can view all of the data on your PC. The index directory (saving path) contains your data second, followed by hard drive sectors for your data. Data that is deleted from the visual is removed from the index directory rather than the hard drive. However, wiping your data from the hard drive allows you to sell and donate your computer without any difficulty.

If you merely remove your data from the index directory, any data thieves can reuse it. They can use any data recovery software to save all of your important data.

Immediately Erase an External Hard Drive Windows 10 Completely – With CubexSoft Data Wipe Tool

The best course of action is to totally erase your data from your external hard disk if you don’t want anyone else to view it or modify it. You can accomplish this by employing a specialized tool. An efficient and dependable way to erase an external hard drive before selling is with CubexSoft Data Wipe Software.

This tool repeatedly overwrites the data on the hard drive. The original data will get harder to recover with each additional round of rewriting. The data will become permanently inaccessible when the malware repeatedly writes the hard drive.

The Fastest and Easiest Method for Wiping an External Hard Drive

Watch the live video tutorial to learn how to safely delete the external hard drive for a better understanding.

Step 1. Download and Install the Data Wipe Tool on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Secondly, select the option for Select Files/Select Folders. Otherwise, select “Logical Drives.”

(Check the “Logical Drives” option if you plan to delete the chosen partition from the second external drive.)

Step 3. Thirdly, after you check the directories and press the Next button, the Tool automatically uploads the Drive folder or the files you specified.

Step 4. To remove certain files from the hard drive and apply the filter, click “Filter Options.”

Step 5. Next, choose the wipe methods from the drop-down menu in accordance with your needs.

Step 6. A warning notification will appear when you click the wipe button; you must click the yes button once again.

Step 7. Finally, the external hard drive’s data is securely erased.

In a Nutshell

Users may find it vital to wipe an external hard disk for a variety of reasons. These explanations are provided on this blog. But what happens when people get stuck and are unsure of how to proceed with the procedure to clean a corrupted external hard drive? Therefore, we have described how to wipe external hard drive as quickly as possible.