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Installing and connecting vsftpd FTP Server in Fedora 14 Linux

This video demonstrates:

– How to install vsftpd software (FTP Server) on a Fedora Linux computer.
– How to start/stop/restart the vsftpd service.
– How to connect to vsftpd service locall
– How to enable FTP in firewall.
– How to connect to vsftpd server from other machine (Windows).
– How to connect to FTP server using web browser (Chrome).

Important commands:
To check if it is installed, type
$ rpm –q vsftpd

To install, type
# yum install vsftpd

To remove, type
# yum remove vsftpd

To update to latest version, type
# yum update vsftpd

Get status of FTP service
$ service vsftpd status

Start FTP service
# service vsftpd start

Stop FTP service
# service vsftpd stop

Restart FTP service (after configuration change)
# service vsftpd restart

source by Imtiaz Ahmad

linux ftp server

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