Introduction to Docker & Open Source: CNCF Student Community + DoK + Civo Series #1

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Join us in an amazing series of events full of networking, giveaways, workshops, & more! Every month we’ll be running meetups focussed on hands-on workshops by Data on Kubernetes & community events by Civo to get you up and running with terms like Kubernetes and Open Source ✅

We’ll also have a contest for students where they can showcase what they learnt and earn rewards like Civo Mugs, Stickers, Swag Hoodies/Courses and also get featured on the Data on Kubernetes YouTube channel!

– In this event we’ll introduce Docker and containers. You’ll learn how Docker works, and how to create and run Docker images. Since this is a Data on Kubernetes event, we’ll also look at how to attach Docker containers to persistent storage. This will set us up for future talks in this series, where we’ll talk about running applications on Kubernetes, including databases. Jeff will also share a few thoughts on being adaptable in your career path and how to stay current.
– We’ll also talk have a session on Introduction to Open Source by Kunal where you’ll learn about what Open Source is, how to get involved, some best practices to follow, programs, events, & more!

About the speakers:
– Jeff Carpenter ( is the co-author of “Cassandra: The Definitive Guide”, as well as the upcoming O’Reilly book “Managing Cloud-Native Data on Kubernetes”. He currently works at DataStax in Developer Relations, where he uses his background in system architecture, microservices and data technology to help empower developers and operations engineers to build distributed systems that are scalable, reliable, and secure.
– Kunal Kushwaha ( is a developer from New Delhi, India. He is working towards empowering communities via Open Source and Education. He also finds passion in teaching and runs a community named Code for Cause focused on Open Source and Education. He also started the Cloud Native Student Community group focussed on getting more young people involved in CNCF.

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