Is the SnowRunner Jack of All Treads DLC any GOOD?

The latest SnowRunner DLC is the Jack of All Treads (get it?!). Here is a look at what you get, how much it costs and what it means for the off-road trucking game.

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26 thoughts on “Is the SnowRunner Jack of All Treads DLC any GOOD?

  • I just want saber to fix the bloody game same i can use my wheels again on console. Fancy breaking a game and loosing your audience.

  • I was always disappointed by the tire selection. It should be very simple. Limited by clearance but all every tire to go on any vehicle that it would fit.

    I manually made a mod list of all the tires in the game and paste it across all the trucks I use. Some still don't cooperate but the game does a good job sorting that out itself with a simple copy and paste.

  • Hellooo, and welcome to just one more truck! It took me half the video to figure it out, but the hommage is much appreciated! 😂

  • What truck is he using right after the intro? 4 tires on each side with deployable ramp and sideboard bed.

  • I did dare the Scout 800 with Freeway gearbox, Roof Rack and JAT MS.
    It's on par with most other scouts now for stability and slightly faster than a Neo Falcon 2000 on Snowrunner gearbox.

  • Can anyone tell me the beast of a truck and tyre combo at around 14 seconds at the start of the video? Also loving the continued snowrunner content. 😄

  • I like the new variety, still wont buy it. Devs arent getting my moola till they fix coop

  • I dont understand why this cost money they have added tyres before and cosmetic items already i mena i have bought it becahse its cheap but it still should have been free

  • Although i don't appreciate the fact that this is a paid DLC and not free well on the other Hand it's really cheap and not a clear must have so eh it's fine

  • I don't know your stance on mods but you REALLY should cover the real life mod, I was skeptical at first but after playing I realized it's a completely different (And FUN) game

  • I understand the concern of pay to win. but like, in this game? What are we paying to win at? Is there like a snowrunner leaderboard with best times for map completion? The tire pack in my oppinion isn't really any more pay to win than a dlc truck is. The balancing for stats on these tires didn't really seem all that out of line with the rest either. The only thing egregious about this dlc is possibly the varied stances with the tires, but that is pretty much just a quality of life thing on tippy trucks

  • I don’t even know why they bother with a season pass if they keep making content not available for it, paid content.


    Anyone on Nintendo Switch in Japan or America will not be able to purchase the JAT Pack. Europe has the JAT Pack, America has the Kenworth, and Japan has neither.

    Also Ben, I pinged you in the Discord just so you’d mention this in the video.

  • It’s definitely a cool DLC that’s worth the few bucks. I’m guessing most of these tires got sent over from SR:Expeditions. A lot of them have the same “futuristic” look that the wheels had in the Expeditions trailer. Just a guess tho.

  • Welcome back dude, nice to hear those tones again doing reviews for us all, keep on smiling 👍

  • Does anyone actually look at the asphalt or ground rating for the tyres when deciding what to equip? If u gonna move a service trailer or a fuel trailer just on a main road then sure, but if u gonna have to drive through even a small puddle do anyone actually use other tyres then the best mud rated tyres?

  • Love all the addition of new customization options, not so much the amount of scrolling that it has added to the garage UI. The single-file list of tires is getting to be as bad as the ever-growing pile of stickers now.

  • Nice review Ben I was waiting on this one😁

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