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Last stop: Japan 07 – New cancer treatment in Japan / risks of radiotherapy in Germany

Table of contents:
Chapter I: 1:55 My ongoing woes with the German healthcare system
Chapter II: 5:23 New treatment for synovial sarcoma in Japan
Chapter III: 9:46 In-depth review of conventional radiotherapy and side effects in Germany
Chapter IV: 37:41 Germany versus resistant bacteria
Chapter V: 59:14 Conclusion and final thoughts on conventional radiotherapy

New treatment option for my synovial sarcoma.
Another intermission video is needed to cover recent events. Contents for this one:

1. My mom required yet another surgery on very short notice due to hemorrhage etc. Among other things: tumor removal through laparoscopic surgery.

2. German hospitals and staff are as bad as ever, still delaying the hand over of my medical documents and images. Declining to talk with my mom about my situation and what could still done. Failing to provide information on alternative treatments or clinical trials despite having no cure on offer.

3. New treatment option for synovial sarcoma with phase 2 clinical trials starting soon. Anti body therapy / radioimmunotherapy developed by Japanese company OncoTherapy Science Inc. in Kawaski.

4. In-depth review of the conventional radiotherapy that is planned for me in Germany, focusing on side effects as well as the tons of disclaimers that free hospital and staff from any responsibilities. Based on the genuine documents that I received from the hospital. And why giving in to this conventional therapy might lock me out from the new, more efficient treatment approach.

5. Germany / Netherlands comparison of the situation regarding resistant bacteria / nosocomial infections. And why the German healthcare system isn’t as good as politicians and doctors try to make everyone believe.

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