Linux Certifications-Top 5 Linux Certifications- Why get Certified on Linux?

Certifications for IT professionals working in Linux server environments include a mix of vendor-neutral and distribution-specific credentials.
The best of the Linux certifications present an interesting mix of distribution agnostic credentials alongside some pretty formidable vendor-specific credentials as well. There are multiple well-elaborated certification ladders available to those interested in devoting long-term time and effort into learning.
Following is the list of Linux certifications employers are looking for when hiring new employees in 2016. While the results vary from day to day, this should provide you with some idea of the Linux-related certifications employers were seeking as we wrote this update.
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RedHat Certifications-RHCSA and RHCA
If there’s one major star in the vendor-specific Linux certification firmament, it’s got to be Red Hat. The company has major market presence and serious duration as a commercial provider of Linux platforms and technologies.
Like so many other certification programs, Red Hat offers a typical administrator → engineer → architect certification ladder; unlike many other such programs, however, it offers highly regarded and valued credentials at each rung, along with demanding and hands-on oriented exams and an excellent training curriculum to match. All exams for the following Red Hat certifications are performance based and last two hours or longer.
The giveaway for Red Hat certifications is that all come with acronyms that start with RH, as follows:
• Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator RHCSA — this foundation Red Hat certification vets essential skills in handling files, working at the command line and using system documentation, along with managing systems, configuring storage partitions and logical volumes and more.
• Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE — this cornerstone Red Hat certification is designed to test and validate the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a senior-level Linux system administrator. Topics covered include advanced IP routing and services, managing runtime kernel behavior, working with iSCSI, automating maintenance tasks with shell scripts and working with networking services for Web, FTP, NFS, SMB, SMTP, SSH and more. An RHSCA is a prerequisite for the RHCE.
• Red Hat Certified Architect RHCA — Red Hat’s pinnacle certification takes the RHCE or Red hat Certified JBoss Developer RHCJD as a prerequisite, and also requires candidates to earn at least five certificates of expertise within one of the concentrations: Datacenter, Cloud, Application Platform or Enterprise Application Development. Expertise areas include OpenStack, hybrid cloud storage, JBoss administration, platform as a service PaaS, deployment and systems management, virtualization, clustering and storage management, server hardening and performance tuning. Each certificate requires passing a performance-based exam, which lasts up to six hours.
RHCSA: No prerequisites
Recommended training:
• Windows Administrators, Red Hat System Administration I RH124 5 days, $2,900 USD and II RH134 4 days, $2,900 USD
• Linux/Unix Administrators, RHCSA Rapid Track Course RH199 4 days, $3,200 USD

RHCE: RHCSA Credential
Recommended training:
• Same as for RHCSA plus
• Red Hat System Administration III

RHCA: RHCSA, RHCE or RHCJD, plus at least five certificates of expertise
Recommended training varies by concentration:
• Red Hat Gluster Storage Administration RH236
• Red Hat JBoss Administration JB248
• Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization RH318
• Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management RH401
• Red Hat Server Hardening RH413
• Red Hat High Availability Clustering RH436
• Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning RH442
• Red Hat OpenStack Administration CL210
• Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management CL220
• OpenShift Enterprise Administration CL280
• Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Development JB450
• Red Hat JBoss Development: Persistence with Hibernate JB297
• Camel Development with Red Hat JBoss Fuse JB421
• Implementing with Red Hat JBoss BRMS JB465
• Developing Workflow Applications with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite JB427
• Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I JB248
• Systems Management with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network JB234

RHCSA: One exam, EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator RHCSA exam 2.5 hours

RHCE: One exam, EX300 Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE exam 3.5 hours

RHCA: Five exams total for the specific area of expertise:

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