Major problems for Ubuntu Snaps, Rockband 4 is finally dead, ScumVM and more…

Hey all! In this video we go over the latest and greatest news in technology, gaming, open source and emulation!

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0:00 ScummVM Orion Burger
0:58 Ubuntu SNAPs Steam Issues
2:04 Totoro Mei is Missing
2:22 SMB CV v3
2:50 Plants vs Zombies 3 Mobile
3:09 Rock Band 4 is finished
3:37 Ace Combat 7 Nintendo Switch
4:25 APB Reloaded dead on consoles

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22 thoughts on “Major problems for Ubuntu Snaps, Rockband 4 is finally dead, ScumVM and more…

  • Ace Combat 7 on Yuzu Android? Heck yeah!

    Shoutouts to SRC267, Derek Turtle Roe, huckleberrypie and reanimated s-unit for the news tips!

  • PvZ3 is region locked, not available almost anywhere

  • Plants vs Zombies 3 is a soft launch in like 4 countries. Not available yet.

  • PvZ 3 has been in development for probably more than 5+ years, and it's just a mobile game💀

  • If you never played backyard baseball 1 or 2 you should check them out with scummvm! Absolutely love those titles ❤ I recently started playing them again on my steam deck. Just got to bring a mouse with me 😂

  • I’ve heard mixed things about plants Vs Zombies 3. It seems to be foregoing the original format of the series and it may not mesh with legacy and 2 fans the same way. That was a while ago, but let’s see what’s up

  • Is Ace combat VR ready or we have to to wait for a mod?

  • I recon ALL dead-service games, with respect to licenses, ought to be sent to the public domain and public archives.

  • Plants vs zombies 3 is not available in the US?! I couldn't find it on the playstore

  • PVZ 3 released back in 2020 but they removed it on app store for some reason, the new PVZ is very different from the 2020 version

  • I think the best description of APB I ever saw was a Steam review that (paraphrasing) said:

    It's Counterstrike except you need to drive from De_Dust to De_Dust2.

  • APB has a mixed reaction on steam… I suppose it's better than being unplayable elsewhere.

  • I can't find PvZ 3 on either the google playstore or the app store. I'm guessing it's a soft launch not a global one, that would explain the low downloads numbers too.

  • I remember playing the living hell out of APB Reloaded on PC back in the day. It got very boring as time went on as you did the exact same thing over and over again.

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