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Welcome back to the Solvetic channel! In today’s tutorial, we’re diving into a task that’s incredibly useful for both Windows and Ubuntu users: ‘Make Windows 11 Bootable USB on Ubuntu’. Whether you’re planning to install or reinstall Windows 11 on a machine, or you need a bootable USB for repair or troubleshooting purposes, creating one from Ubuntu adds a layer of versatility to your tech toolkit.

Have you ever needed to create a Windows 11 bootable USB but only had access to an Ubuntu system? This situation is quite common, especially among users who dual-boot or primarily use Linux-based systems. While creating a bootable USB for Windows may seem straightforward on a Windows machine, doing it from Ubuntu requires a different approach.

In this video, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a Windows 11 bootable USB directly from an Ubuntu environment. We’ll cover the tools you’ll need, the process of downloading the Windows 11 ISO, and the method to correctly format and prepare the USB drive. Our aim is to provide you with a clear, concise guide to successfully create a Windows 11 bootable USB on Ubuntu.

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Sudo apt update
Sudo apt install gparted
Sudo gparted


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