Manhunt Fix Windows 10

0:00 Intro
0:12 Requirements
1:05 Applying Manhunt gate crash Fix,FPS limiter,Audio Fix.
3:52 Testing the Manhunt game levels to see if the fixes are working

Github Repo with all steps and files.

Github Repo with all steps and files for Ermaccers Audio and ThirteenAG’s Widescreen Fix:

Additional troubleshooting tips on PCGamingWiki:

How to install DirectX 9 and VCRedist libs Windows 10(video)

How to install DirectX 9 and VCRedist libs Windows 10(video)

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28 thoughts on “Manhunt Fix Windows 10

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  • I tried everything, every king of patch possible and it simply wont run.
    Is there any other way possible?

  • Firstly, I want to say thank you for all of your hard work on getting these older games to run with superb fixes. These classic games deserve to be experienced by a new generation and I am glad that people like you are out here doing great work to get these games to work.

    With that being said, I seem to be having an issue that I don't know the solution to. Whenever I load the game, it is simply a black screen. I went through the process as instructed, but it always ended up at the black screen again when I launched the game. I have the redistributables downloaded. I also have the Legacy Components with the Direct Play turned on, and the NET Framework 3.5 on as well. I copy and pasted the files exactly as shown in the video, and yet my screen still stays black. I also uninstalled Manhunt and reinstalled it and deleted the main game folder as well. Any kind of help is much appreciated, and again thank you for your hard work on this video.

  • HI, I've tried multiple patches, activated Direct Play, have the C++ libs since 2005, even tried a cracked .exe, launched in compatability mode but all I get after the splash screen with the resolution options is the rockstar logo followed by a crash.
    I can't find any help on this problem anywhere.

  • The game is not launching whatsoever no matter what I do. When I press on the green play button it turns blue for 1 second and then it go back to the green play button as if something preventing.
    I tried everything every Steam fix Github, All Direct X back from 2005 to the latest Direct X, I also tried reinstalling the game like 40 times, disabled windows defender, I also checked the registry editor, and even Manhunt fixer.

    My specs: RTX 3090 Ti. Driver: 537.34
    AMD 5950x
    Windows 10 pro

    I thought Nvidia latest drivers was the problem but am not sure. Please help and thanks in advance.

  • It worked! Thanks Silent. Your a life saver

  • So I followed the steps in this video and even downloaded direct9, but I still get a load error 0x02 message when try to start the game. I bought the game on sale on steam yet it still won't work, do you have any ideas on how I could get it working?

  • I just can't buy Manhunt in my country, and this fix only works in the steam version. Plus fix for the dual GPUs was removed from the github zip or something like that. I don't know what to do

  • game does start but screen stays black. i was able to start a level and the screen stays black with audio playing

  • Patched it but whenever I try to start it I get "application load error 0x02". Not sure why. I'm using the non steam version.

  • I have a problem

    In the tutorial of the first chapter when the game teaches us to hide in the shadows

    At that moment where we have to wait in the shadows for an enemy to pass through the metal door next to us

    once he goes through the door I can't and he won't even open

    what should I do?

  • Seems to have fixed it. At least no more crashing and stuck door on the first mission. Thank you!

  • Hmmmm, The fix worked on the enemy A.i and the blocked doors, but now gameplay is stuttering, as if the game is taxing the GPU, which is impossible…

  • Now when i try to load it up it doesnt recognize my gpu properly anymore and doesnt give a display option

  • funny thing is it download 11 instead 10… so where do I get windows 10 instead 11.

  • Thanks a lot. For now i have already fixed the afk guy and door stuck, so at least it has done something, later i'll se of course. By the way, I don't really trust any .exe files, so i have skipped it and everything seems fine, but again at least for now.

  • how do you fix when the game crushes after you pick up a dead enemy? windows 11

  • It appears that after fix npc's notice me every time even if I am in shadow.
    They even choose the shortest way to run.
    Was there any fixes with shadow or was it always like that?

  • My man u just made my game get deleted thanks alot!

  • after i installed it, it wont start up now, it did before and crashed at the levels.

  • Thanks a lot for this fix! I couldn't get past the tutorial because the second guy I was supposed to kill got stuck and never walked past my hiding spot. This fix worked like a dream, Thanks again!

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