MicroNugget: What are 3 Basic Tasks for Building an IPv6 Network?

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In this video, Keith Barker covers the three basic tasks you need to be aware of to build a functional IPv6 network. He’ll begin by explaining how you need to have a plan for the IPv6 addresses, creating a working topology, and what goes into various subnets.

In this brief but comprehensive overview, Keith will dig into all of the main elements you need to build an IPv6 network.

These can be divided into three main steps: understanding what goes into IPv6 global addressing, using the right routing protocol, and then verifying the network’s functionality.

Keith uses an example network topology to illustrate the various facets you need to be aware of as you design your own, then walks you through the steps you need to accomplish to set one up.

He’ll demonstrate each significant milestone of establishing network functionality, then lead you through a test to confirm your network is working the way you want it to.

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