Process This: Wired and Wireless Networking Using Linux on AM64x Processors

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In this webinar, learn about the wired and wireless networking capabilities
of AM64x processors that enable a variety of gateway functions.

*Webinar agenda:*

* Overview of SK-AM64 starter kit
* How to connect to a Wi-Fi® network using Linux, right out-of-the-box
* Selecting Gb Ethernet Switch or Dual-EMAC configurations for network
* Presentation of Linux commands to enable networking capabilities

*About SK-AM64 starter kit*

The AM64x starter kit is a stand-alone test and development platform that is
ideal for accelerating the prototype phase of your next design. The kit
includes: wired and wireless connectivity, three expansion headers, multiple
boot options and flexible debug capabilities.

SK-AM64 starter kit

SK-AM64 quick start guide

source by Texas Instruments

linux web server


Léa LOPEZ, Telecom System Administrator, Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Ambala (INDIA)

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