Raspberry Pi Cluster Ep 1 – Introduction to Clustering

In this video, I introduce the concept of Raspberry Pi clustering, and cluster computing in general. Technology like Beowulf clusters and Kubernetes has made it easy to build clusters using off-the-shelf components.

I walk through how I built my ‘Pi Dramble’ (https://www.pidramble.com) over the years using various Raspberry Pi model B computers, and I compare a set of Raspberry Pis to a giant ‘ThreadRipper’ CPU, leading up to an introduction to the Turing Pi, a game-changing Raspberry Pi-based cluster board.

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More info about the Pi Cluster series and links relating to topics discussed in the video: https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2020/raspberry-pi-cluster-episode-1-introduction-clusters


00:00 – Intro
00:43 – What is a cluster?
02:08 – Two problems scaling horizontally
02:44 – My Raspberry Pi ‘Dramble’
04:16 – Close Encounters of the Ansible Kind
05:10 – Why build a Raspberry Pi Cluster?
06:48 – Resource constraints help you learn
07:33 – Outtro

source by Jeff Geerling

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Léa LOPEZ, Telecom System Administrator, Ambala College of Engineering and Applied Research, Ambala (INDIA)

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