Return To Castle Wolfenstein Fix Windows 10

Github Repo with steps and files:

RealRTCW Mod:

Vanilla Plus RealRTCW:


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20 thoughts on “Return To Castle Wolfenstein Fix Windows 10

  • My dad used to play this game a lot when he was younger and he was talking to me how much he likes the game so I created a Steam account for him and sent this game as a gift, I was a little dissapointed because the game wouldn't open at all on his PC but this trick worked perfectly. Thank you so much Sir, you helped me bringing some happiness to my old man. 🙂

  • It was working really well! until today that I got a grey screen at start up. I don't want to reinstall yet but…. is there anything else I could check for? thanks for the tutorial.

  • No lo podia jugar hasta que encontré tu ayuda, Muchas gracias!!!

  • Thank You the game works thank you again for your help it was great to know you thx so much.

  • Thank you so much I have not played rtcw since I was a kid and your video helped me out

  • I have recently downloaded this game from GOG. I'm using GOG galaxy however there's an issue with the resolution I'm unable to fix when I launch the game the screen changes resolution yet after displaying the error regarding the desktop color depth being too low it returns to the windows screen with its original screen definition instead of launching the game. I don't know how to fix it.

  • I have a problem with this game 😓… At first it downloaded and installed ok, I played 1 day in 640/480 (or 800) mode, but the next day I decided to change the resolution to see if it would go to full screen … and… I keep getting the error " GLW_StartOpenGL(1) – could not load OpenGL subsystem… I deleted the whole game and downloaded and installed it again from the same site (specifically GOGUNLOCKED) and still the same error as after changing the resolution and … Please help! After so many years I was able to play this awesome game again! but only 1 day until the resolution change What is this and why do I get the same error after downloading again😓

  • I did what you showed us in this video but i have a problem. I enter the game i played on of my quicksave game and i switched to mauser sniper rifle when i empty the entire magazine my rifle was load with 5 rounds out of 10. I think there is a bug.

  • Thanx a lot man ! I will forever remember this game when back in 01 I couldn't believe it worked on a pentium 3 500 MHz.

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