RHCSA Full Course – Re-uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1sc4_-e-5U&feature=youtu.be

I have used this book as a reference for this course: https://amzn.to/3svWHCK

I have re-uploaded this video here:

Full course located here:

RHCSA is the most in-demand Linux certification in the industry. The certification exam is performed based and pretty challenging. I have used a mix of both theory and hands on demon to reinforce learning. I have pointed out other resources that can help you pass the exam as well.

Course include:

Linux Lab Setup (RHEL 8 Installation)

Accessing Linux Server GUI & CLI

Getting Started with Linux Basic Commands

Few More Linux Basic commands
Standard Input, Output and Error redirection
Grep Command with regular expressions
tar & zip commands to Archive and compress,

File & directories vi Editor Modes Explained vi Editor Practical Getting help from Command Line User Interface SSH Server & Client Installation and configuration Reset Linux root user password (Gain Access to system) SCP – Transfer Data from one server to another server securely Listing and Managing Linux processes Creating standard Linux partitions Deleting standard Linux partitions Creating PVs, VGs and LVMExtend Logical Volumes non-destructivelyReduce LVM size – lvreduceSwap Memory Explained Creating Users and Groups Modify user properties | Password age Deleting users and groupsFiles & directory permissionsAccess control list – ACL Special Linux file permissions Set-GID, Set-UID, Sticky Bit Sudo access – sudoers policyLinux Networking | Assign Static IP Firewall Rules | firewalld | Firewall-cmdSELinux to enforcing policies YUM Repository | AppStream | BaseOS

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