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Sakshi Rao's Review on CEH Training and Certification..!

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Welcome to an insightful exploration into Sakshi Rao’s transformative journey from obtaining a Master’s degree in Cyber Security to achieving excellence in the field through Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) training and certification. In this video, Sakshi shares her experiences and success story after completing the CEH v12 program at I-MEDITA.

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Meet Sakshi Rao, a dedicated professional with a Master’s in Cyber Security. Join Sakshi as she delves into her decision to further specialize in ethical hacking through the CEH certification, her choice of I-MEDITA for comprehensive training, and the triumphant moment of passing the EC-Council CEH v12 certification exam.

Sakshi provides insights into her academic journey, highlighting her Master’s degree in Cyber Security and the pivotal decision to enhance her expertise through CEH certification. Explore the motivations that led her to choose CEH as the next step in her career.

Gain valuable insights into Sakshi’s learning experience with I-MEDITA. She discusses the training methodology, emphasizing the practical approach, hands-on labs, and real-world scenarios that make I-MEDITA’s CEH training effective and engaging.

Sakshi expresses her gratitude to I-MEDITA’s expert trainers, emphasizing the crucial role of mentorship and guidance in understanding ethical hacking concepts. Learn about the trainers who played a pivotal role in her learning journey.

Uncover the secrets behind Sakshi’s success in the CEH v12 exam by exploring the study materials and resources provided by I-MEDITA. From comprehensive course materials to practice exams, understand how these resources contributed to her exam preparation.

Sakshi sheds light on I-MEDITA’s commitment to providing training and comprehensive support for candidates in their career paths. Hear about the placement assistance and career guidance that added significant value to her learning experience.

Join Sakshi as she talks about the sense of community and support she found at I-MEDITA. From fellow learners to mentors, she discusses how the collaborative environment contributed to her success.

Gain insights into Sakshi’s exam day experience, from preparation strategies to tackling the CEH v12 exam. Understand how I-MEDITA’s training prepared her for the certification and real-world ethical hacking challenges.

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