24 thoughts on “Send SMS for Free with Python Tutorial (Twilio)

  • can we use twilio to send sms to any number or those numbers need to be registered on twilio?
    pls tell as i am trying to implement a project which involves sending sms to user input numbers

  • So i need a sinder id no a phone number

  • Friends! What is the name of the android emulator that you have on the right of your screen? The one that says "moto g(7) power"

  • how did you connect your mobile phone screen in your system?

  • hi thank u for that video but i have a probleme

    i use VS code

    when i run the program it's show me

    from twilio(.)rest import Client

    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'twilio.rest'; 'twilio' is not a package

  • i don't know even how to install python and you never put the link for it

  • Twiio is scam. Twiio is built on AWS Cloud and you only send sms with verified phone number. They will recommend you upgrade by charging minimum package is 20 dollars to upgrade your account, then you can send sms with unverified number. But, when I upgrade my account, I could not send sms with unverified number. However, status is completed.

  • This is only a sample you still have to pay if you want to send to someone else they register only your own number so you can test

  • i would like to know if it's possible to link multiple numbers,keys all of them from twilio. and also i would like to talk to you, where i can get your contact ?

  • Thank you bro it was succesfully work from Uzbekistan!

  • Hahahahahahahahahhahahahha, Mi hai ucciso, gli ultimi 3 secondi erano totalmente inaspettati

  • Hi
    I tried this, though no error is being shown the message is not sent to my phone

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