Setting up a Virtual Web Server with VirtualBox, Apache, Mysql, FTP, Ubuntu, and Samba

This is my first video tutorial for my new site,

You can find all the software needed for this tutorial on the tutorial page linked below.

1:05 – Creating a virtual machine
3:55 – Formatting the disk to install Ubuntu.
5:30 – Installing LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) and Samba
6:45 – Logging into the Linux Terminal
7:05 – Give VirtualBox its own bridged ip and restart networking in linux.
8:15 – Find the IP for the Linux box using “ip addr show”
10:00 – Installing ProFTPD to connect to via an FTP client
11:26 – Fixing permissions to allow uploads via FTP. (chmod)
12:06 – Setting up a SAMBA share and some basics using VIM.
14:53 – Restarting SAMBA and connecting to SAMBA.

source by E3pOPWNER

linux ftp server



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