option is disabled because of failed sign-in attempts

When trying to login to Windows 10 PC, if you receive or see a message that says— The sign-in option is disabled because of failed sign-in attempts or repeated shutdowns, this post will help you fix the problem. The error appears because multiple sign-in has failed either because someone attempted to log in or you have entered incorrect passwords. At times, if the computer shuts down multiple times, it can cause the problem too.

What is Account Lockout Threshold?

Windows includes a built-in Account Lockout Threshold policy which determines the number of failed attempts before the user account gets locked. Limiting the number of failed attempts eliminates such an attack.

Interesting fact that even if someone has made no incorrect attempt to log in to your account, an app can be responsible. Microsoft has officially documented that if the connection is dropping continuously and the app tries but fails to sign in, it can result in a lockdown.

The Sign-in Option Is Disabled Because of Failed Sign-in Attempts or Multiple Shutdowns

The sign-in option is disabled because of failed sign-in attempts or repeated shutdowns

It is clear that Windows 10 PC is not accepting the PIN you are trying to enter. Follow these suggestions to get back access to the computer. It applies to a domain account or a regular account, or any other account.

  1. Keep it turned on for a couple of hours.
  2. Use Admin Account to Unlock Your Account
  3. Change Account Lockout Policy

You will need an admin account to fix this problem.

1] Keep It Turned on for a Couple Of Hours

When there is such a scenario, Windows blocks any further access assuming someone else is trying to brute force to get into the PC. The best way to go ahead is to keep it turned on for a couple of hours. If it’s a laptop, keep it plugged in. Then try to sign in to the computer.

2] Use Admin Account to Unlock Your Account

Account Locked Out Windows

If you need to unlock a user account instantly, you will need another admin account. It can be done using the Local User and Groups Tool.

  • Open the Run prompt (Win + R), and type lusrmgr.msc. Then press the Enter key.
  • In the Local User and Groups window, click on the Users folder, and select the locked account.
  • Right-click on it, and then click on Properties.
  • Uncheck the—Account is locked out—checkbox, and apply the change.

Switch to the locked user account, and you should be able to sign in again.

3] Change Account Lockout Policy

Account Lockout Policy Windows

If you or another person has an admin account to which you have access, you can change the account lockout policy. It is future-proofing but can also help if the admin can change it on the current computer.

Open Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc in the Run prompt (Win +R) and pressing the Enter key. Navigate to the following path

Computer ConfigurationWindows SettingsSecurity SettingsAccount PoliciesAccount Lockout Policy

You have three policies here

  • Account Lockout Duration
  • Account Lockout Threshold
  • Reset account lockout counter after

If the lockout threshold is more than 0, the admin can change it to 0. It will make sure you will never be locked out every again.

If you need to keep the lockout feature in place, the admin can set the account lockout duration. It will make sure the account can again be accessed once the time is over. The last option is the number of minutes between failed attempts. You can configure an account lockout threshold.

Restart the computer to apply the change, and try to log in again.

I hope the post was easy to follow, and you were able to understand the reason behind the locked account and get it sorted using an admin account.

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