[SOURCE CODE] Server Clash of Clans 2013

Hello Everyone, Today i share Source Code Server for clash of clans version 2013 release, hell yeah first gameplay for android xD, this is almost completely server, so you can create your own server, with containing high modded or normally.., Default Patch support for version 5.2.4, you can modify it for support other version like 5.113.2 Xmas xD.. This is only Gameplay Server..
##Here is Implemented Features :
1. Trophies Earning
2. Top Rank Player
3. Clan
Note this is very older version, so there is no war..

Link Server : https://www.orid.gq/load/file/33/ServerFiles2013COC.html

Link Apps : https://clash-of-clans.cn.uptodown.com/android/download/50586

Here is List tools for running this server :

#1. Visual Studio 2019 (for compile)
#2. Redis Database (for save player)
#3. NetCore Idk 3.1
#4. Android Emulator For PC (if you want play in pc)

Before starting your own server, you must compile it first the source code, and you can run it xD..

Hostname : gamea.clashofclans.com

For connecting download HostGo apk first for Android. and add hostname gamea.clashofclans.com and paste it your ipv4, how to get it??? run cmd and write “ipconfig” and copy ipv4 xD.



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