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Stop Giving Away your Data and Web Profile. Use Pi-hole with Unbound DNS. Make Privacy Number 1!

Pi-hole is an amazing tool with tons of functionality beyond it’s main purpose of filtering out ads from your devices. Now, imagine you went to all that trouble to get rid of those ads and tracking, but you still send all your requests right through your ISPs DNS servers, or Google’s DNS servers, or anyone else’s DNS servers.

Instead, how about setup your own DNS server, and then tell Pi-hole to use that? It’s really not difficult, so you should definitely get it setup.

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Unbound DNS

Unbound Docker Image

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00:00 Beginning
00:09 Introduction to Pi-Hole and Unbound DNS
06:50 Install Unbound using Docker
10:05 Point Pi-hole to Unbound
11:05 Test and Make sure we can still get to sites and have ads filtered.
15:20 Thank you to all of my Patrons at Patreon, and all of my Subscribers on YouTube

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