Task Manager taskeng.exe opens randomly on Windows 10

What should a user do, if the Task Manager itself is causing problems on the computer by opening up randomly? Imagine, the Task Manager popping up randomly while you are busy with some work. Now, imagine this happening frequently. It will be a frustrating time. Many users are reporting the same problem.

Task Manager on Windows 10 lets you manage programs, processes, and services that run on the computer. It is a great tool that comes to help in many ways to the user. The most common use everyone put the Task Manager to is to close an unresponsive app or process. It kills that task instantly with a click.

Task Manager Randomly Pops up in Windows 10

Task Manager (taskeng.exe) keeps opening on its own

Before you begin you should know that if the Task Manager was open when you shut the computer down, it will open it again. These are the methods that can fix Task Manager opening randomly-

  1. Check for Mouse Gestures
  2. Uninstall any Updates or New Applications
  3. Perform a full scan for Malware
  4. Check startups with AutoRuns
  5. Run SFC & DISM Scan
  6. Perform a Clean Boot
  7. Reset your PC

Let’s see the methods in detail.

1] Check for Mouse Gestures

There are certain mice that come with in-built gestures. The Task Manager might have been randomly popping up due to that. Disconnect the existing mouse and connect another one and check if it is happening. If it is not happening with another mouse, then it is problem with the mouse gestures.

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2] Uninstall any Updates or New Applications

If you have updated any program recently or installed any new programs on your PC recently after which you are seeing Task Manager popping up randomly, uninstall the updates or program. Check if the Task Manager is still opening randomly. If the problem is still not fixed, try the following methods.

3] Perform a full scan for Malware

Full-scan your PC with your antivirus or anti-malware tool to find if any virus or malware is resulting in the random pop-up of the Task Manager.

If the issue is the result of any virus or malware, those tools will take care of it and make sure it never interferes with the smooth functioning of your PC.

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4] Check startups with AutoRuns

Use the Autoruns tool to check for any suspicious entry.

5] Run SFC & DISM Scan

Running SFC (System File Checker) & DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) scans are obvious solutions to fix any corrupted or missing Windows files. There are many instances where these scans fix the issues and make your PC function well without any errors. Run the SFC scan first and then the DISM scan.

Any errors regarding Windows OS files will now be solved.

6] Perform a Clean Boot

In Clean Boot State, only the essential programs of Windows and drivers will run. No third-party applications will not run. This way you can know which program is responsible for the error that is causing Task Manager to open randomly. If the Task Manager is not opening randomly on Clean Boot mode, it is the error caused by a third-party application you installed. You have to figure it out manually by turning it on and off and restarting your PC to Clean Boot mode.

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7] Reset your PC

Reset Windows 10

The last option you have to fix Task Manager opening randomly on your PC is to reset Windows 10. You will not lose any files but the Windows will be reset to factory settings.

This will fix and stop Task Manager from opening randomly.

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Task Manager Randomly Pops up in Windows 10

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