Tesla’s Model Y is Breaking all kinds of records – While VW orders are melting!

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00:00 Intro
01:12 Intro Music
01:31 Tesla is dominating in European
07:49 Tesla’s Model Y is breaking all kind of records
10:52 Tesla in China is doing creat and Refreshed model 3 is up again
13:07 Facts about Tesla that will blow your mind
15:30 Another week, another nail in the coffin for Hydrogen!
30:56 Shout out
31:18 Let’s end with a little fun
31:40 The End and thanks
33:24 Thanks to ALL supporters of the show.

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50 thoughts on “Tesla’s Model Y is Breaking all kinds of records – While VW orders are melting!

  • Go to to check it out. You can subscribe through my link for as little as $1/month or get 40% off unlimited access to the Vantage subscription. The offer ends on the 30th of November, so hurry up !!!

  • @bestintesla what is your take on AI self-driving becoming human-like? Does that means it will also start performing human mistake…

  • Mary Barra isn't worried. Detroit will be bailed out again thus guaranteeing incredible inflation and then when people can't afford the vehicle, provide a subsidy to car buyers. Only for ICE cars. That will add to inflation too.
    We're f****d!

  • Thanks Lars, terrific as always. It looks like “Legacy automakers are coming to get Tesla”. ROFLMAO
    Cancel my Cybertruck order? Snowball’s chance in hell.
    That GM interior looks like an Apollo compared to the SpaceX Dragon capsule. LOL 🙂

  • I want a T-Shirt with your face saying “Be Nice!”

    I love your channel but can’t wait to the end to see that.

  • I dont see how fsd can possibly work.

    I regularly get "camera blocked" messages and now, since purchasing a model Y, constant messages informing me that the park distance control has restricted vision and is likely to be innaccurate. If the car cant reliably see what is around it accurately how on earth can it be trusted to srive autonomously?

  • Do you believe Autopilot will improve as well as FSD V12 rolls out?

  • Thank Lars. 🙂 The unions within companies will wear out their welcome or just end up with no business. One more reason why Tesla being vertically integrated makes so much sense. Unions proving why they have worn out their usefulness and will cost employees their jobs for lack of business.

  • Ref to your sponsor, I recommend Ground News to.

  • the bad thing about teslas on a consumer perspective is the single chassis press. sure it may be cheaper for tesla to make, but now imagine you buy one and have a minor accident which bends this one part, most will ride the car off, guess what that causes, insurance premiums go through the roof.

  • Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 14days.

  • Lars the efficiency of hydrogen boiler should be close to 100% not 50 as stated. 50% applies to heat engines not simple combustion heating. But this doesn’t invalidate any of your conclusions about hydrogen.

  • Tesla is the best choice for an EV. Glad they are opening more service centers and chargers. I like the new Model 3.

  • Slower adoption and demand for crappy BEV also known as all BEV other than Tesla! 😂

  • Lars, you are the best source for Tesla information. Congratulations on the upcoming milestone!

  • VW sold 15 million cars last year,Tesla 1 million. What this dimwit talking about?
    P.S. Out of 1,500,000,000 cars on this planet how many are electric?
    Yes,you guessed it – 0,1%. That'll save the planet I'm sure. That and solar panels.

  • Lars, you left out an important part of the hydrogen for heating equation: The fact that it takes 4 to 5 times the available energy in the hydrogen just to make the hydrogen, so it took 400 to 500 kWhrs of electricity to make the 100 kWhrs of hydrogen energy. This means that it took a total of 400 to 500 kWhrs of energy to produce the 50 kWhrs of heat energy. If heat pumps were used, that same 400 to 500 kWhrs of energy could provide 1200 to 2000 kWhrs of heat energy, since some newer heat pumps can produce at least 4 times the heat from the energy input. This is the hard reality that makes hydrogen unrealistic and unprofitable as a fuel source when batteries can now store energy more cheaply than hydrogen can be manufactured.

  • Tesla lowered the price in the Netherlands for the Model Y RWD by just enough for it to quality for the subsidy. Sale are likely going to go through the roof on the last two months. It was €49.990 when it was introduced last year, and now just €42.040 after subsidy. What a steal!

  • <I ve about 5% of my portfolio in AAPL stock, any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  • Well, I mean of course it would be totally stupid to cancel CT now, after so much time & cost.
    But the guy is right in general in respect that this development was utterly stupid to begin with:

    There are THREE big car markets in the world and in TWO of these pickup trucks are completely irrelevant. -> addressable market is 1/3 of an alternative development.
    Also we were always told this development had to be so long and so complicated because of all the new groundbreaking tech that saves so much cost. Well turns out: half the ideas don’t work and have been cut during the development – and the other half is in fact not cheaper to produce.

    So: Tesla has spent SO MUCH TIME developing this, wasting their massive head-start.

    Didn’t get me wrong: of course CT will sell, of course Tesla will continue to grow and earn lots of money.
    But it could have been total world domination by now if…:
    If they had either developed a truck on the existing platform OR directly went to model 2.
    a truck on the existing platform would have been ready at least 1.5 years ago, selling (in its one target market) well… and they could have had their hands free for model 2 at least 1.5 years earlier.

    To prioritize a product that has a smaller addressable market, clogs up all R&D for so utterly long and wastes the headstart they had…
    What a total management disaster.

  • Tesla’s quadfecta in Europe boggles the mind. It also boggles the mind how little many Americans seem to know or care about an American “car” company’s dominance globally. In Canada 🇨🇦, it’s a bit like America without as much kerfuffle. Plus, we’re buying a lot of BEVs, especially Teslas. ❤❤❤

  • Lars, why do you say that the Mafia controls the Unions in Sweden? The Swedish Government is extremely interested for the Unions there to work to the best interests of the Swedish people, something quite different to how they are handled here in America. I think is dishonest to compare the Swedish Social system, that is way better than the American, by giving those statements. I understand that you are a Tesla Fan Boy, bu so am I, but that doesn't mean that I accept everything coming from Tesla, even less the fascist and bigot Elon Musk. IMHO, I think you would need to do a video just for that, but only after you do a through research of how unions work in Sweden, and how they compared to other countries, not just provide with opinions.

  • I like that after Mr. Vogt stepped down as G.M."s Cruise Lead (and went into hiding) G.M. appointed two vice presidents to head The Cruise Project, including Craig Glidden, G.M.'s General Counsel. G.M. apparently believes Cruise needs a Legal Shepherd.

  • I have read that Jefferies who Philippe Houchois works for, holds a short position in Tesla. Naturally handing out bad advice, if actually followed, would make them a lot of money.

  • Elon Musk has stated that the CyberTruck is harder to ramp, due to all the new. This has the possible effect of slowing the rollout of the Model 2, a car that Tesla expects to sell 2 million of per year, compared to 375,000 for the CT. So, as an investor, I understand why analysts might be more eager for the 2. Room for both, plus the Semi, but Tesla itself has indicated that growth may slow over the next year or two due to so much on the plate (even before including doubling the number of superchargers, further AI and FSD work, energy (which is heating up), rapid increase in service centers, etc.). It'd be interesting to hear Tesla's strategy for managing all this.

  • Being Swedish, driving Tesla (Model Y Performance), for sure not being a leftie…I had to say I disagree to the way you described the Tesla conflict in Sweden. It's not that much of a conflict for the Tesla employees. It's about defending the Swedish way of organising the labor market. Appreciated both by employers and unions. I do not support everything the unions are doing in this conflict, but you are simplifying things too much. But living close to Sweden you probably know that already.

  • Been Drooling over Tesla since I saw a chassis of an initial model S.My Only Concern at the Time,Was How Does Aluminum Hold Up To The Harsh Salt/Beet Juice Winter Road "Safety Conditioning Of The Roads." 🙂

  • Politicians go for the $'s Facts are Not Considered.Make them pay for their Errors,With CASH.

  • Lack of demand?? Only if you are trying to foist an inferior piece of junk on to the buying public. If you sell a safe and well made BEV, like Tesla, your demand problem is you can't build enough of them fast enough.

  • Consistency with "Analysts" Always A Benchmark.Glad To See They Are A Bunch Of Butt Buddies.:)

  • Lars, do you know how the Swedish labour market is structured? Otherwise, read up, and see if you can help get Tesla to sign.

  • Just to know your point about the million miles of data collected on a daily basis, Tesla really can only use a fraction of that- currently. i’m sure DOJO will be capable of processing every single bit of data eventually.

  • 29:00 i remember crying about having buttons on my phone.

  • Driving a ICE car is going to be like smoking cigarettes, sneaking a drive when no one is looking because you’re ashamed, trying to hide that smell of gasoline on their clothes, chew gum to mask that petrol breath…

  • Hey, okay, I will hang out on your channel for the Cybertruck delivery event, but please, try to address the European market a little, as this is what concerns me. I have a Cybertruck preorder, and made the special drivers license for it..
    Btw, a Tesla guy here in Zürich said that he estimates the Cybertruck will come to Europe in 1 year. (Not sure he knows, just estimates)

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