The Beautiful Tale of a Tragic Infinite Loop in Veloren.. A Story about a Bug (Minecraft/Cube World)

The Beautiful Tale of a Danari and the Tragic Infinite Loop in Veloren.. (A Story about a Bug). We’ll go through this beautiful tale and watch it unfold. This Danari gets stuck in a tragic infinite loop and we save them from an infinite life of jumping inside a free and open source game which is like Minecraft or Cube World! Is this a sad story?? You’ll have to see and watch the chapters unfold while we play..

Veloren is a Free Open Source Game on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux!! Based around Voxel Games like Minecraft and Cube World. This new RPG style of PvP RPG voxel game developed in Rust!! I’m playing it today on Linux and testing out some improvements on a dev branch. Join in on the fun and explore what a Open Source (Minecraft/Cube World) should be free and open source with fun pvp and exploration adventure action! Rust Game Development is coming a long way and Veloren is proof that you can have a great game developed in Rust. We’re going to explore dungeons and have fun hunting mobs!

Veloren is built on Rust, if you would like feel free to join the team! I’m using PopOS! Linux to play Veloren today. Download and install your first open source and free operating system – Linux today. This is also a Q&A while I play so make sure to ask any Linux/Programming/Veloren questions in the chat.
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