The Best Live Auto Repair Show on YouTube in 2024 – Under The Hood Featuring The Motor Medics

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Happy New Year 2024! What will it bring in the automotive industry? How far will self-driving cars go? Is that a question of miles or technology? We will find out. Whatever happens you can count on Under The Hood to guide you through your car questions with great advice. Now in our 34th year we are more tuned-in and tuned-up than ever! Call us with your car questions and get free advice. 866-594-4150 Thanks for watching Under The Hood. As 2024 moves on you will see more videos posted here about the car questions we take on the show. Stay tuned!

Can a Fuel Filter cause a transmission to shift bad? My F150 shifts hard and late.
How do I fix Cruise Control on a 1993 Chevy. Road Trip in a Chevy Van.
How do I make my Diesel VW Toureg last longer in Canada? Should I use fuel additives?
What causes a Toyota to smoke during start up? Camry 2002.
How do I fix noises on my Mustang GT 2004?
How do I add cameras to my car? 2021 Kia.

Sailboat Diesel Engines low power and loping.
Should I flush my engine coolant? 2000 Toyota Sienna Van.
Why does my transmission shift hard? 2015 Chrysler 200.
What causes front end noise on a 2003 Ford F250 Diesel 4×4 Truck?
Why does my 1993 Chevy Truck stall at stop signs and idle?
Noise in a 2014 Ford E350 Van after Timing Chain replacement.
Why does my 2019 Camry Jerk and Buck under load up hills?
Why does my Ecoboost Ford Truck burn oil?
I have questions about the new Ford Maverick Hybrid.
What Suburban years are best to buy?
When should I do my first oil change on a Ford Maverick?
Suspension problems on a 2015 Suburban.
What is a death wobble?
Can you use oil that has been sitting on the shelf a long time?

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