The Future of Sovereign AI | Panel | Assembly 2023

Behind all discussions of AI, a question lurks: Who will train the models and where will they run? Tune in for this panel discussion on The Future of Sovereign AI from Assembly Lisbon about this very question and the solutions offered by Urbit. Featuring:

Native Planet’s ~mopfel-winrux, the developer of %lick, a new kernel module that lets your Urbit take full advantage of hardware acceleration.

Lukas Buhler leading Tlon’s hosting, exploring what it means to make a hosting platform that enables sovereign AI.

@mogmachine head of BitTensor, a distributed incentivization system for many tasks, including AI and Machine Learning.

David Clarity, co-author of the Anti-Yudkowksy as part of Harmless AI, a research group that investigates the philosophical assumptions behind the discussions of “AI Alignment” and “Safety.”

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  • Great explanation by Mogmachine and I believe Bittensor will grow immensely!

    But why is the host hiding behind an icon?

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