Ubuntu 20.10 Linux – Updates & Features – [2020] (Groovy Gorilla)

Explore Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Updates and Features. We’ll take a look at the various updates made to Ubuntu 20.10 Linux (Groovy Gorilla) and compare them to the previous version of Ubuntu. Ubuntu 20.10 Linux Update is an exciting release and will be supported for 9 months. Let’s explore the new Ubuntu 20.10 Linux and see what it has to offer and if it’s worth switching to.

Ubuntu 20.10 Linux (Groovy Gorilla) offers GNOME 3.38 with slight updates to the desktop. There’s also been some renaming of files and settings. There’s been an Update to the Ubuntu calendar for events. Our favorite packages have been updated as well and it might just be enough for you to make the upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 for the time being.. Check it out today.


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