Ubuntu vs. Pop!_OS vs. Manjaro vs. Fedora | Gnome Speed Test

Comparing the performance of Ubuntu 20.10, Pop!_OS 20.04, Manjaro 20.1.1, and Fedora 32. Later, we will add benchmarking for Fedora 33 and Pop!_OS with an updated Kernel.

Speed test on various distros running Gnome. Finding the best preforming Linux distribution is a difficult thing to do. There are so many factors when trying to figure this out. The most important variable is what desktop environment you want to run. Gnome is one of the most popular desktop environments today as it comes pre-installed on many Linux distributions. We will run some general speed tests and benchmarking to see if there are any performance differences to consider.

Benchmark Devices:
ThinkPad: Lenovo ThinkPad T450, i5-5300U, 8gb DDR3, 256gb SSD
Desktop: Asus x570-p, Ryzen 7 3700x, 32gb DDR4, 256gb SSD, GTX 1650

00:00 – Benchmark Devices
01:17 – Live Disk Boot
01:36 – Installation
01:57 – Boot Speed
02:23 – File Manager and Transfer Speed
03:07 – Opening Media and Firefox
03:42 – Benchmarking
04:03 – Kdenlive Render
04:51 – Gnome Disks
05:20 – glmark2
06:02 – Geekbench
06:51 – Octane 2.0
07:11 – Bacemark Web 3.0
07:52 – Kenel Upgrade
09:14 – My findings

glmark2 OpenGL Benchmarking
Geekbench5 Benchmarking
Octance 2.0 Java Benchmarking
Basemark Benchmarking

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