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Unlimited 4G Hotspot for $20 per Month!

No joke – get unlimited hotspot connectivity for only $20 per month! I’ve been looking for a way to use cell phone service for my home network but haven’t been able to find a solution for a reasonable price until now. The carriers normally throttle your cell data after a few gigabytes so using cell service has been very limited. I finally found a way to get unlimited data from your cell carrier without the throttling. Get the MoFi 4G WiFi Router and use your cell SIM card for and you can use unlimited “streaming” data. The MoFi router has a configuration setting that makes all your home network traffic route to the carrier as streaming data rather than tethered data. This is key to getting unlimited data for your devices. It works with all the major cell phone carriers. *Note: Some people have had trouble with Verizon. Please check the comments for more information.

I am no longer recommending the MoFi router. A far superior product is described in this video:

Devices mentioned in the video:
MoFi 4500 4G SIM4 LTE Router (Suggested for Sprint):
MoFi 4500 4G SIM7 LTE Router (Suggested for Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T)***:
Micro SIM Card Adapter:
Optional Proxicast Omnidirectional Antenna:
Optional Yagi Antenna:

***Note: As of March 2020 MoFi Network came out with the new SIM7 version of this router. It provides additional bands 14 & 66 for Verizon and band 71 for T-Mobile. If you have Verizon or T-Mobile I suggest using the new SIM7 model since it may provide faster speeds with the newer bands. It has not been certified yet for AT&T but will be in the next few months so you could use it for all carriers except Sprint. Sprint does not work with the new SIM7 model and you should still use the SIM4. The SIM4 model works with all carriers but does not have the new faster bands.

Setup instruction video for the MoFi available here:

Please browse through the comments to get more information about the MoFi and how it is working for other subscribers.

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44 thoughts on “Unlimited 4G Hotspot for $20 per Month!

  • Thanks for the info 😊
    What about Visible?
    It's an unlimited Hotspot. But I do not think it works that we'll?

  • Is this still working :O? Is there a better solution now? Or is it still good enough, thanks

  • Dude you got an amazing voice, sounds like a radio talk show , I wish I had the sounds of your voice.
    Cheers .

  • Help!!! I have the 4500 and works just like it should (cricket wireless). My neighbor just got a 5500 (cricket wireless) and cannot get it to work with her sim card, but her sim card will work in a phone. I took my sim card out of my 4500 and tried it in her 5500 and it worked for about a minute then quit. I put my sim back in my 4500 and it is working normally again. What's going on and how can I help my neighbor?

  • I have been using my company Verizon iphone SIM in my MOFI router for a few years which allowed me to work from home for these last few years thanks to your video. But now I am about to leave the company, so I bought a used iphone, then purchased a new SIM from Verizon. The bad news is, the new SIM does not work in my MOFI router?! Is there anything that you have been made aware of regarding new SIMs from Verizon? I have tried a number of things including resetting the Sierra module, resetting the SIM info, but no luck. Help!

  • I have been using this router for about nine months. I have tried both AT&T and Verizon Sims and the performance is crap! I attribute much of that to being located in a valley area with cell towers not being close enough. My cell phone uses AT&T end it performs better than the MOFI. Sadly I am going back to DSL. 🤦🏻‍♂️ ugh!!!

  • Carriers are now looking at the IMEI number on their networks. Such as AT&T and Verizon now check the IMEI of the devices on the network. They are not allowing cellular WiFi SIM cards in router devices i.e. a router with an unidentifiable IMEI from a router! It does not matter if you set the router to a TTL for a specific (mobile carrier). ATT and Verizon will not register the that Cellular SIM card in a IMEI number that is not cellular identified device. I have a friend that has an Insty Connect that is now worthless with a SIM from his Verizon Cellular phone unless he pays as much as $190.00 a month for some grandfathered plan on eBay or 3rd party plan carrier/vendor. Can you tell us what Carrier SIM Plan are you using to successfully use a MoFI or Insty Connect that doesn't cost a mint? Can you share that information? It would be appreciated. My friends Insty Connect went DOA on January 19 which is also known as 5G Day when the C Band was activated. There were several calls to Verizon, that revealed what they found and exactly why they would not allow his cellular SIM in the Insty Connect Modem. Currently my friend is using the same SIM in his Motor G z cell phone activating his hotspot with one device at a time. And not so good speeds without the IC Angel Wings. He is in between a rock and a hard place. And has a very expensive unusable IC router and Angel Wings. And yes he lives in a rural area.

  • Will the MOFI4500 V2 work the same? There are different versions.

  • I couldnt afford the Insty and picked up a tablet for $25.00 on youtube with it's iemi no. and then purchased a $20.00 AT&T plan. Finally being off grid I have a way not to have constant aggrevating buffering and taking forever to upload videos to my youtube channel. Thanks so very much Jason. Also for answering so many questions I had about the MOFI and AT&T before I purchased my set up.

  • Ya. Pretty much every Carrier has fixed these loopholes

  • Quick question will this work with a Verizon tablet plan?..Help

  • So sorry but we don't have VERIZON OR SPRINT in Puerto Rico. It's either AT&T or T MOBILE. However Liberty Cable Puerto Rico just recently purchased AT&T.

  • Still happy with this model but not with range. Do you recommend mesh or different router? Also, need to extend to a barn about 50 yards away. Any tips greatly appreciated

  • Do you need Internet connection for the router to work? Or is it where you just plug it in turn it on put the Sim card in and you’re pretty much up and running for the most part? Do you need active Internet service

  • @SeleTraining Thanks for this information. I followed your suggestions and now have a TMobile SIM working in my Pepwave router, after failing for months with a Verizon SIM. Switched to TMobile's 55+ Plan and reduced my monthly bill also! Too bad on that 55+ plan the 3rd line (2 cell phones + one extra line for the router SIM) was $35, not $20/mo. But I'm still WAY better off.
    Two questions: 1) I'm considering getting a 2nd SIM for the Pepwave's 2nd slot and looking at the AT&T iPad plan or trying Visible. I need the best coverage possible as I'm full-time living in my RV. I know using Visible (Verizon) might be another headache but also might be better coverage than AT&T. Your opinion?
    2) I think you mentioned that you swap out/exchange your phone & router SIMS regularly. Do you do that to avoid any issues with the carriers? i.e. show each SIM operating in a phone as opposed to a router, on a regular basis?

  • With the $20 unlimited tablet plan what ttl do I set it to in the MOFI. I keep seeing 64 but other places I see it needs to be set to 65. Does it matter, or what do you suggest. I am ordering the insty connect but until then I'm stuck with the sims4 mofi

  • question when adding a line…which is best , adding a line or getting a unlimited tablet plan

  • There don't appear to be any unlimited data plans anymore. It seems that all of the carriers have closed the loophole on this unlimited data hack that avoids throttling.

  • Still don't understand the title….where does $20 internet come in with this video? Lol cell phone plans are not $20 a month lol

  • I don’t want to purchase a new router, so trying this solution on my Mofi. It worked initially, but now I am unable to get onto AT&T network. Keeps saying Carrier ID not detected. Any thoughts as to how to fix?

  • Is your original plan an unlimited data plan? If I go to an ATT store and get a $20/mo iPad sim card, how is it activated?

  • when i talked to SPRINT recently, they did offer me $20 for an additional line – i told the agent

    i want to use the sim card for streaming only, first she asked if i'd be using my current phone

    for both sim cards – when i said no, she referred to sales – the sales dept said i would need a

    hotspot plan – has any SPRINT customers experienced this? what should i do?

  • Hello, wondering if you might have some insight on this. I bought the Mofi and I added a line onto my att unlimited phone plan. I have good speeds usually over 40mbps and have been doing some testing if I can stream 1080p or higher and I can while on my laptop but not on my TVs or phone for some reason. I can flip my phone off WiFi onto lte can stream 1080p instantly. I can tell when I use the stats for nerds here the connection speed drops to 1700kbps and then I switch to lte and I get 40000kbps, also that is what’s running on my laptop on Wifi in the same location. Just tried using the elite plan that doesn’t limit steaming data and I didn’t see a difference. I’m lost at this point, anything you could think to try?

  • $400 is lot of risk to take on a new idea

  • I am using the mofi on att serv. Works great.

  • Have you ever used or heard from anyone who used a TMobile Tablet plan successfully with the MOFI? Postpaid of course.

  • Just received info from MoFi and the MoFi5500 will be released in April. I should have one for testing in a couple weeks and will have a video up with a comparison to the Insty Connect.

  • Can I use my sim card from my tmobile tablet? I am using adpnet for internet to my computer but I need wifi for other devices.

  • Love all the info. I just ordered my MOFI 4500 sim 7 today. Hey I see you mentioning the ipad data plan for 20 a month. I've watched several videos saying you really need a "phone plan" vs a "just data plan" in order to enjoy the unthrottling data advantage. Is this true or is it just the matter of changing your TTl setting?

  • The Mofi4500 is nothing more than a ZBT WE826-T2 router with a Sierra Wireless MC7455 CAT6 or Quectel CAT4 EC25-AF modem-at a premium
    price.   You would come out way better building your own using the tutorial on LTE Fix.  Slip in modem and connect 2 cables and you’re up and running for a fraction of the cost. This is also an ongoing discussion on the lte.hacks facebook group.

  • My carrier only discounts $5 off the monthly bill so that $35 for an additional line. Not worth it. I just got a plan with visible which uses Verizon towers. The reason I got it was unlimited hotspot. The bad is the reception is poor at times like they are throttling most of the time especially during the day. I have also put the phone by the window to get better reception. It’s a mix bag.

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