Using a LuckFox Pico to Jailbreak the PS4 on 11.00

A cheaper alternative to a Raspberry Pi for Jailbreaking the PS4 on 11.00.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn7ji3VsPy3GEda6jKRyk7ayyy_05-Hqi
Download Links:

Luckfox Devices: https://www.luckfox.com/Luckfox-Pico

PPPwn-LuckFox: https://github.com/0x1iii1ii/PPPwn-Luckfox?tab=readme-ov-file

Putty: https://www.putty.org/

WinSCP: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php
Outro: Paul Flint – Sock It To Them – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-ljaTacFL0
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33 thoughts on “Using a LuckFox Pico to Jailbreak the PS4 on 11.00

  • Hello MW, i have my own little gaming channel and I noticed this entire week, if i leave console on rest mode and turn it back on. Golhen stays, I haven’t loaded any payload for a week so far, i guess i can call it a mini-permanent.

  • Sir when i try to jailbreak my ps4 in pppwn there is a part that is stuck in it says TARGET IPV6…… it stuck here

  • So is there no way to do this offline without a router?

  • Back in the days we jailbreaked the ps3 with a Ipod mini or a iphone 3gs🎉

  • my ps4 still kernel panic, i try linux, windows 10, win 11, raspberry pi 3, this one, router, and nothing work, all time kernel panic with cuh1216B

  • Great work as usual mate, , wondering if you have updated or can, the version for ESP23 to run PPWN??

  • Dear MODDED WARFARE the "PS4_Cheater" and the Reaper_v1.0.4.1

    Not many of us can handle these heavy program, or have the patience, time and the knowledge to do that. Please can someone put new codes for both new and old games like "Creepy Road" and "Stray Souls" in GoldHEN Cheats Manager ??? Please. Because when I update GoldHEN Cheats Manager in update cheats via internet there is nothing there about "Creepy Road" 🙏❤❤❤

  • Is the Luckfox pico Plus (used in this video) much worst than Luckfox pico Max for the jailbreak? I'm planning to get one but I don't know which of them.

  • can you still use Ethernet for internet/ftp? like do this thru a network switch ?

  • Can I run the payload using a wifi connection? Couse I only have 1 ethernet cable and it's for my oc.

  • Bought one of these, I'll try it out sometime

  • Imo, raspberry still better because it as Internet sharing. One time install and forget about it

  • Hello is it possible to extract PS4 pkg's ? I'd like to have a look in the game files

  • I think orange pi zero 3 (1G or 2G) version will be more attractive than a LuckFox Pico. Will you consider doing another video using orange pi zero 3 running dietpi and another video to compare JB time for different devices.

  • If my firmware is older than 9 should i update it to 11 or go with another jailbreak method?

  • Hey i have a question, what kind of usb you use to add games to ur ps4?

  • Is there stelth servers for PS4 jailbreak on 11.00? Off host mods? Or host infection to ps5? I'd like to have mods on new cods?

  • Is there a fast way to install games directly from the Raspberry/Pico?
    Using Raspberry as a torrent server to download my Pkgs, but didn`t find a easy way to transfer it to PS4

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