33 thoughts on “Using Pacman on Arch Linux: Everything you need to know

  • great video for coming back to every now and then !

  • what distro/desktop env are you using? i like how the terminal looks

  • I would like to install TensorFlow Lite using arch Pacman and my instructions are for Debian Bullseye on an Orange Pi5 64bit GPU. What would be the best way to do this? 😎 Thank you.

  • This was super helpful dude thank you.
    Have come over to Arch after 15+ years on Debian based linux.

  • Would this stuff work on the steam deck it runs on arch Linux

  • the new pacman things for me:
    4:51 pacman -Ss ^emacs > "regex for starts with [can be useful]"
    16:32 pacman -Sc [sync clean]

    12:05 /etc/pacman.conf 11:40 > "in addition to that…"

    ones mostly related to basic unix 😅:
    7:30 wc -l > "word count by lines to count installed packages"
    16:13 df -h [disk file usage]

  • 8:21 > "packages that are explicitly installed"

    on msys2 on windows, i find pacman -Q –unrequired (or pacman -Qt) to be better than -Q –explicit
    but i don't know the exact technical differences between them

    9:51 yeah, the -t option got a mention here, but only in context of deps

  • 4:43 > "pacman -Ss emacs"

    so, there's zile (emacs clone), mg (micro gnu/emacs); emacs-muse, auctex, texmacs (publishing & tex related)

  • Well articulated Luke. Really helpful in getting me started with Arch. I use Mint, but now I use Arch, btw.

  • ..and that was that. first try pacman and update fail on kernel/grub thingy and what happen. well ofcourse it not boot! why have to touch working install! i not get linux devs. leave backup kernel?!?!?! so can boot. noooh failbak not work without kernel

  • 10:11 they should not be in there after remove what installed it. not make any sense

  • 8:01 tel me pacman command to see what installed it mean what program is depend on it LOL. i know command for apt LOL

  • 6:55 by default YES we want remove everything what install did LOL. so silly? system will bloating conf files you not need. they may even run and may even couse errors? LOL by default it should remove everything what it installed and depencies that others not need. thats simple but why is not work like that LOL linux devs….

  • Thank-you, im so new to linux and im on arch rn but not giving up. I wasn't sure waht pacman was exactly. And when updating pacman i thought I was only updating Pacman itself not all of my applications.

  • 0_0 When you watch from Ukraine. What do you mean you don't have services in Ukraine)))))LOL. Very usefull video, Thanks.

  • LC_ALL=C pacman -V|sed -r 's#[0-9]+#37a#g'|md5sum|cut -c1-6 giúp tôi tìm câu lệch ra của câu này. làm ơn

  • Tbh not going to lie I use Debian Sid as my main distro. The first Linux variant I used was Ubuntu than after snaps really became a thing I went to Debian for the pure experience of apt. As I’m pretty used to debs/apt as I don’t like a bunch of package managers like flat packs and snaps. I would pick using a app image or just using a pre compiled or compiling a program from a tar any day. I usually if possible use apt for installing my programs to make it easier to update my stuff in one go.

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