Virtualmin Installation and Configuration with CentOS 7 on Vultr

Installing and configuring Virtualmin GPL with CentOS 7 on a Vultr cloud virtual machine.

We haven’t done an installation video since the new install script and the config-system command were added, so this covers those, as well as setting up a virtual machine at Vultr (though Virtualmin runs on just about any kind of Linux server running a supported OS and the process will be nearly identical).

This video covers:

– Creating a VPS at Vultr
– Download the Virtualmin install script
– The Virtualmin install script and its options
– Using the post-install configuration wizard

If you want to sign up for Vultr, use this referral link to support Virtualmin:

If you have trouble understanding me speaking, you can turn on captions by clicking the CC button on the video; they are not auto-generated, I wrote them and they are accurate.

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