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VWAR S9 Apple Watch Shaped Android 8.1 4G Retractable Camera Smartwatch: Quick Overview

VWAR S9 Retractable Camera Android 8.1 Smartwatch (VWAR):
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The VWAR S9 is an Android smartwatch living in an Apple Watch style body. It has a retractable camera built into the round side knob and uses a charging dock instead of a wire. It hosts a unique implementation of Android 8.1 which is relatively stripped down for the average user, but deeper features are available through 3rd party apps like “Settings Search”. This video is a basic introduction to the watch. If there is enough interest (number if views), I’ll take the time to develop some follow-up videos with tips and tricks that will be critical to getting the most out of this new technology.

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  • Very cool Android device!
    How long does the battery hold?

  • Headline says "4G", specs say "GSM(2G) B2 /B3 /B5 /B8(1900/1800/850/900" which is it?

  • It's good to see some unique stuff still coming up. Still wish more stuff was around instead of square but looks like that's a losing battle for me

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