What is an Immutable Linux OS? And why Ubuntu is Creating One.

What is immutable Linux and how does it help us with security, reliability, and why would Ubuntu Linux make a new flavor and distro for users for offering this type of Linux to its Desktop Users? Learn about all this and why you should maybe try it out today.

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4 thoughts on “What is an Immutable Linux OS? And why Ubuntu is Creating One.

  • This is like introducing Ubuntu Cinnamon when there is already Linux Mint. Immutable Ubuntu is already outclassed by VanillaOS, but thank goodness it's moving to Debian next release.

    I will take Nixos, CarbonOS, Fedora Silverblue/Kinoite, Guix and EndlessOS over any immutable Ubuntu snap garbage any day.

  • Clear explanation, thanks. Have used Fedora immutable and MicroOS myself and I can clearly see why Canonical wants this. And why not? Only thing I don't know yet is whether they will use tool- or distrobox, on top of the OS. Thats another very specific group of users (devs) but I am pretty sure they've got that covered.

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