Why System76 Left Ubuntu Linux Behind

Back before PopOS was a thing System76 instead shipped devices with Ubuntu Linux installed so I wanted to know what Ubuntu wasn’t doing for them.

Full Episode: https://youtu.be/fEdy5rChFNg

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38 thoughts on “Why System76 Left Ubuntu Linux Behind

  • I really like Pop!_OS, but I really don't like Gnome, so I'm super excited for Cosmic

  • Pop_os is just ubuntu with a few mods. Hardly a real distro

  • Ubuntu made it possible for me to use Linux around 14 years ago.
    Great Distro – one of the best I would say but these days I want the vanilla Gnome experience and run openSuse Tumblweed aftet many many other Distros.

  • I like Ubuntu 20.04. I do not like Ubuntu 22.04. Been using 20.04 for years. No problems really. I'm going to give Pop a test drive on another drive.

  • Totally gonna install Pop! again when it's stable with cosmic 1.0. Im a KDE guy but Cosmic is really exciting and Im looking forward to a true "Wayland first" desktop experience

  • I wonder if carl knows unity8 is still alive as lomiri and developed by the ubports community

  • Unity was one of my favorite desktop environments. I wish Ubuntu never dropped it. I’m looking forward to COSMIC since it seems to hit a lot of things I want!

  • The coolest thing about popOS is that you can convert it from desktop to server install just by installing Steam

  • I really like Pop OS artwork and many other features. It's so much better than Ubuntu. But I can't get used to the way the launcher works.

  • If unity was the 2005-2008 ubuntu desktop then I liked the unity and think that is why pop has a good interface. I loaded it on my mbp 2012, upgraded to ssd and 16GB of memory, and had it on my desktop but wanted something different on my desktop. Got me started on not liking ubuntu after unity is gone and snaps which might have been pre unity split indplemented for all I know from the begining of ubuntu using snaps

  • System76 never really left ubuntu behind they just papered over it with well mediocre cover

  • I hope pop!os change the base from ubuntu to fedora

  • I had nothing but problems with Pop on their own machine. The laptop hardware is extremely low quality. I replaced many major parts before giving up. I've been much better off with a ThinkPad and Fedora (behind one version for more stability). I love the Launch keyboard though. Their in-house quality is top tier in my experience. I wish they could make their own laptop and be done with the garbage they currently sell. Their desktops look like good quality. Their issues seem to stem from selling things they don't control the build process for. Rebuilding Pop will probably result in more stability.

  • RIP Ubuntu phone, would have been an industry gamechanger.

  • Unity got really good.
    "maybe Canonical will fix Gnome" didn't happen. Gnome doesn't play nice with others- wouldn't even give Canonical their global menu.
    Everyone might end up on KDE.. we already got all of gnomes fancy workspace stuff ported to Plasma 6.

  • I don’t get the title. Isn’t popOS based just Ubuntu with some extensions. in the future, it will be Ubuntu with Cosmic instead of Gnome so, still Ubuntu?

    I don’t see how this is them leaving Ubuntu unless they are planning to base it on Debian going forward?

  • Why does any idiot thinks he can write a desktop environment? Because he has never been employed in a company which makes user interfaces.
    The very idea you can have a functional desktop environment in a system designed for universities in 1970s, where graphics and sound, keyboards and mice were hastily taped to with band-aid, is absurd.

  • you need to wave your arms more!….it looks strange

  • Cosmic desktop development is a total waste of time and resources. This is why linux desktop will never ever dominate the computing world. Never! Great interview though.

  • I'm a huge fan of Pop!_OS, can't wait to see what's in store for the Cosmic DE

  • Love PoP, had a terrible experience with System76 laptop though. It's my own fault, they state clearly that you don't get warranty when you buy it from AUS. Expensive lesson.

  • Having used several Distros && DE, Debain && Cosmic OS is where I have settled. POPos with their full featured WM desktop is Sui generis. I hope they launch the new OS soon because current version of POPos is unusable. Until that time I am using Ubuntu sway remix

  • I never knew System76 before they switched to Pop! OS, so for me the title was super misleading. I thought it meant their distro would be based on Arch or something, and I'm like, how does that work for their business model!

  • I love PoP. I want to buy a s76 someday… but also fedora is life for me. Excited to someday go back to pop

  • Honestly, pop os has been my favorite the past 2 years. It's stable, powerful, beautiful, everything always works perfectly, and I use it for unreal 5 development with no issues. It won me over so much that I've converted other linux users and I plan on getting a laptop from them in the future.

  • Would love another interview when Cosmic DE gets released.

  • Being asked to pay $500 to get patches to VLC and FFMPEG takes some balls. Won't be using ubuntu going forwards.

  • No matter how hard I try, I just can't Gnome. It leaves me feeling like I am missing out on features that Plasma let's me have. As long as your rebuilding of all those Gnome apps includes adding more features, I'm all for it. If not, then you might as well just stick to Gnome. I don't expect lots of new features, just steady work toward goals.

  • I wish you would have let him talk more about System 76 and not all of these "hypotheticals". But, huge error… you asked him "What year was Pop OS released" — that shows that you are very unprepared. You seem way too focused on their split and he seems a tad bored with it.

  • Doesn't matter what DE Ubuntu uses, it's just not for me.

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