Why the Yocto Project for My IoT Project – Drew Moseley, Mender.io

Why the Yocto Project for My IoT Project – Drew Moseley, Mender.io

As Linux gains momentum as an operating system in connected devices (IoT), we will cover the Yocto Project as a Linux build system. It is widely supported by many organizations including Intel/Wind River, Texas Instruments, Mentor Graphics, Dell, AMD, LG Electronics, and more.

The Yocto Project has become one of the most popular projects to build your own Linux distribution for embedded systems and in order to get an overview and assist in evaluating the Yocto Project tools, we will cover the following:

Yocto Advantages
Yocto Disadvantages
IoT Specific Needs

The benefits of the Yocto build system as outlined are among the reasons it is so widely used and supported in the embedded software industry. Yocto’s wide variety of features, expandability, and fine-grained control over the contents of the target image make it ideally suited for IoT projects.

About Drew Moseley
Drew Moseley is currently part of the Mender.io open source project to deploy OTA software updates to embedded Linux devices. He has worked on embedded projects such as RAID storage controllers, Direct and Network attached storage devices and graphical pagers.

He has spent the last 7 years working in developing production deployments of embedded Linux systems for various security-sensitive industries. He has spent his career in embedded software and developer tools and has focused on embedded Linux and Yocto for about 10 years. He has given talks at various conferences, including Embedded Linux Conference, OSCON, Embedded Systems Conference and All Systems Go Berlin.

He is currently a Technical Solutions Engineer at Northern.tech, the company behind Mender.io, helping customers develop safer, more secure connected devices. He worked previously as a Technical Project Manager and Professional Services Engineer for Mentor Graphics. He was raised in Tampa, Florida and attended the University of Florida.

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