Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Active Directory DNS, DHCP, WINS and RAS Project (Part2)

Windows Server 2016 network infrastructure project

1. DC1, DM1, CL1, CL2 are set up as virtual machines (Server2016 Datacenter)
2. Set up server DM1 as the router
3. Server DC1 will host active directory, DNS, DHCP, WINS and RAS
4. Hosts CL1 and CL2 (Reservation) are configured to get an auto IP address, DNS, WINS and default gateway address
5. Add reverse lookup zone in your DNS server
6. Set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that all client CL1, CL2 computers have a VPN connection to the RAS server.
7. Active Directory DOMAIN name should be your name:

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