XBOX One Hard Disk Drive Upgrade and Repair Tutorial – Fix Error E101, E102, E200, E203, E305 (2021)

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This video shows the procedure for upgrading an XBOX One / One S / One X / One Digital Edition hard disk drive. If your console has a defective disk, needs more space, requires an upgrade to SSD etc then watch along to find out how to do this very quickly and easily – no scripts, Linux OS etc required!

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00:00:00 Intro.
00:00:43 Which XBOX dashboard version do I need as a minimum?
00:01:16 Parts and tools required.
00:01:34 Common sticking points *BEFORE YOU START*
00:01:59 Error codes (especially E100!).
00:02:13 Compatible hard disk drives / SSDs etc.
00:02:43 Use extra caution with SSDs…
00:03:53 Using oversized disks (1.5TB, 4TB etc).
00:05:25 Using a used HDD / SSD with data already on it.
00:07:05 Cleaning data from a used HDD / SSD.
00:10:37 Where to download OSU1 for our boot USB stick.
00:11:17 Creating our OSU1 USB stick in Windows.
00:14:12 Checking our OSU1 USB stick.
00:14:33 Copying the boot animation files to our USB stick.
00:16:55 Install that new hard disk drive in your XBOX!
00:18:04 Checking the storage on my machine before the upgrade.
00:18:27 Fully shutdown the console (if you flip it off at the mains switch on a night you’ll want to hear this!)
00:20:20 Insert our OSU1 USB stick into our XBOX.
00:21:08 Quick overview of the “three beep technique”.
00:22:51 The “three beep technique” for XBOX One S Digitial Edition consoles.
00:24:20 Common failures DURING the install and how to proceed with them *PAY ATTENTION TO THESE*
00:24:52 Stopping during Stage 3 (going to troubleshoot menu).
00:25:58 Persistent E101 and flash corruption.
00:26:40 E106.
00:27:39 A very quick E101 / E102 / E203 etc.
00:28:20 Stage 2 mid-update reboot.
00:30:26 My console has booted back into the dashboard (you’ll need a reset)…
00:32:57 My console has gone to the first run menu (sorry, you’ll still need a reset!)…
00:37:20 We’re all reset – time to do the first run configuration.
00:39:06 We’re missing the boot animations! (It will fix itself).
00:39:42 Screw that! Let’s fix it now!
00:45:21 Testing our boot animation fix.
00:47:24 Round-up and contact details.
00:49:57 Outro.

1. XBOX One OSU1 Recovery Tool (Always links the latest version):

2. XBOX Bootanim.dat for XBOX One / One S and One X:

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