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37 thoughts on “💾 WINDOWS SERVER HISTORY (1988-2023) 💾

  • Windows NT is still used since xp, for home and business users, windows nt was for business and MS-DOS windows (9x) for home users

  • You just used CGI renders, not even spend your time installing the actual OSes in virtual machines

  • btw when i was in grade 3 like a few yrs ago the school library stil used windows server 2003

  • A new Windows server version releases every 5 years.
    This version is Windows Server 2022.

  • One of my grandmother's best servers was Server 2000 and 2003, Brings back the memories of nostalgia.

    For that time on my 2nd grade school had XP Professional rather than Server 2003, I was 9 when I got my first school PC used then it got BSOD when I played a game.

  • I love your videos they are so good and I learned a lot from them thank you 😊

  • corrections:
    windows server 2000 never used that startup and shutdown, thats the startup and shutdown of build 2000 of windows 2000. (which is the beta of windows 2000)

    windows server 2003 and r2 doesnt use that startup sound, neither the uk version, it comes from a commercial for the os, it uses windpws xp sounds.

    windows server 2012 and r2 doesnt use that startup sound, its in the files on the os but the default one is the windows vista one.

    windows server 2016 and 2019 dont use that startup sound, it comes from a hololens trailer and the actual sound is the windows vista one.

    hopefully you'll see this win expert because ur using the wrong sounds for like 4 years
    also for future videos the longhorn startup and shutdown is fake, it uses xp sounds.

  • Honey, wake up, WE is posting about his claim to fame after so long

  • Did you know also the UK versione of Windows server 2003 use the same startup sound as Windows XP

  • the video is great but there is one little mistake you put in the video

  • Mistake:
    -You are using a mockup instead of a real screenshot for some versions.
    -Windows Server 2003 (R2) does not use the sound you included in the video. (Not even the UK version!) It still uses the XP sound.
    -Like its client counterpart, Windows Server 2012 and later does not use the sound you included in the video. It still uses the Windows 7 one (the latter being disabled by default).
    -You are using the Windows Server 2012 R2 screenshot for Server 2019.
    -The Xaml version of Notepad is not even available for Server 2022 yet. Also, Server 2022 is based on Iron codebase (original release of Windows 11 is based on Cobalt), so the new startup sound isn't included here.

  • Amazing! But the beginning is win NT 3.1 and the first on was made on 1985 called Windows 1.0

  • I love Windows especially 8, I've been sitting on it for a very long time, but now I've recently changed to 10:(

  • Windows 7 bye and 8.1 We Seen The Fast version Windows 7 Ultimate

  • I can’t wait for the video! Your videos are so nice animated and i hope you can make more videos in the future.😊

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