What is a technical solutions engineer?
A solutions engineer (SE) is a person working closely with sales, customers, development, marketing, design, product teams to create solutions that work for everyone.
Wow. A lot of teams. In order to be a successful SE, SE needs to interact almost with everybody to deliver great solutions to the customer. There is a constant feedback loop between customers and future development of a product and a good SE needs to be on top of all that.
Developers rely on feedback and guidance to prioritize what features need to be built next, if documentation needs to be improved or more resources should be allocated to support.
Marketing needs to know whether or not users are finding the product and are getting the message set by the marketing team.
The design team needs to validate if a product is usable and customer feedback is crucial.
The product team will need help to identify new features for the product or new opportunities for new product creation.
The sales team needs to understand the technical requirements of the customer and what product should be licensed. Sales also rely on SE’s to understand how to best position the product and use competitive analysis provided by SE.
A solutions engineer will help all teams to be successful in order to deliver the right product to the right customer. At times, Solutions Engineer should be able to jump in and help all teams, whether it is to develop a new feature, help with the support of new or existing customers, suggest UI improvements and prioritize the roadmap ahead.