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✅ NEW Verizon Home Internet Plans – Speed, Price, Discounts & Promos – 4G LTE and 5G

I read the fine print so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest Verizon plans for their fixed wireless 4G LTE and 5G Home Internet service. This goes everywhere from “slow” 4G speeds up to their blazing fast 5G UWB (ultra wideband, aka mmWave). I compare the features of each plan, their new 5G Home Plus plan and what type of speeds and discounts you can get. No contracts and they do have a price lock guarantee for up to 3 years.

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31 thoughts on “✅ NEW Verizon Home Internet Plans – Speed, Price, Discounts & Promos – 4G LTE and 5G

  • I believe I saw in one of your videos that this device throttles Netflix to 8Mbps. Have you done any testing to see if this is "per device" or a "total"? 8Mbps would barely be enough to let 2 devices stream Netflix in 1080p simultaneously.

  • I live in a rural area but close to a tower that would probably only get the 4G LTE at the moment until it gets upgraded. If I get the Verizon 5G plan do you think I could still get the 4G speeds but over the 50mbps cap from the 4G LTE plan?

  • This ain’t available at my address but i get good speeds on a pudp mifi 8800l. Would this work if i used another address and used it at mine? Or would it just get turned off and my friends address blacklisted lol. No internet providers offer in my location besides trash satellite internet looking for other options, thx

  • Mine just arrived. I expected the big box and got the cube. I hope it works well.

  • Any idea if or when Verizon will expand these 5G Home Internet plans to the Inland Northwest? TiA!

  • I have tmobile home (had it for two months) get between 250-350down, and 40-64 up. Is verizon faster

  • I just got this to try out thanks to your videos I actually get 332Mbps down and 19Mbps up which is not bad and since I have Verizon for cell it’s only $35 a month with the Plus plan. Which in this day in age way cheaper then Xfinity lol

  • They are straight up lying about the speeds at least in my area this thing gets 10Mbps on average down less than 1Mbps up. Smh.

  • Hi Nate. Just subscribed. We had a MiFi8800L for a year, no problems, then Verizon made some changes and we keep dropping signal, having to reboot (I have a dual antenna attached), so long story short, an LTE cube is on the way. If we had marginal service with the jetpack, do you think we stand a chance of getter better reception with the cube? If you say "no", I'll send it back unopened and we'll just switch to T-Mobile which does have 5G were we live. If you don't have time to answer this, no problem. I'll keep following your videos!

  • Verizon advertised 5G Home internet for $25.00 which includes taxes and fees if you have a mobile phone plan, which I do. I ordered it and the next day I received a a confirmation in my email and surprise; my new monthly bill was going to be for more money than the $25.00 they advertised. After a run around with customer service I cancelled before I ever started. So if you order this, good luck on your bill just increasing by $25.00. I was happy with At&t internet and was just looking so save some money.

  • I just got Verizon 5G Home and I got the cube router and can confirm that the average download is 300 and 50 for upload. Hopefully they upgrade the towers in my area so I can get 300-1000 gateway.

  • If i have verizon phone and 5g shows 4 bars, is the home internet the same 5g expectations? or is it apples and oranges?

  • I just ordered ot and it's true they base it on your area wich device you'll get but im happy because I don't want anything extra on my window

  • Everytime I call Verizon, each sales persons tells me a different story whether it's available to me or not. Sick of Verizon

  • Any attempt to get the new T-Mobile gateway? I hear some customers have started getting the new gateway. I have just recently started using the T-Mobile home internet and love it so far but was a little disappointed in how picky it was with getting signal. Inside my house I was getting decent downloads OR uploads depending on where I put it but could never get both in one location or orientation. I bit the bullet and bought an antenna (yagi and panel, still doing testing on which will work better for me) and now I get pretty good speeds for both. I'd love to hear if the new one is any better before I get outside the return window of my antenna or at least know if the new one is going to be able to add an antenna similar to the "trash can" model. Great content, though. I learned a lot about these gateways from your videos. If it weren't for these videos, I probably would've given up on the gateway and sent it back when I wasn't receiving good signal. Now I have learned how to get relatively amazing speeds out of it.

  • I have both services here, the 4G units… T-Mobile is in my truck, semi, Verizon at the house. Verizon tower in my back yard, T-Mobile towers are a few miles away, and only two bars… Service was spotty at best. Verizon has been pretty good, but just discovered they have a 10 device cap? Any way around that, say with a separate dedicated wifi router? That way it would only see the router, and not everything connected to it? Is my thinking correct? And will aWIFI router play nice with the Verizon 4G home Gateway? I have read reports that it does not, but that appears to be the other 4G router they used last year. Really difficult to find out any info on the current 4G Verizon unit, model ASK-NCQ1338

  • im wondering does the modem cube or the other modem or router have a spot on them for exturnal antana

  • At&t has not announced any offering for 5g home internet but I'm hoping they do since they competitors are in the game now.

  • Excellent breakdown, but I think I'll stick with AT&T wireless service.

  • Would you consider t-mobile internet good for gaming ?

  • My advice for anybody is to stick with T-Mobile home internet on one life Verizon has better speed and higher 5G than T-Mobile however T-Mobile have more towers than Verizon since I have two towers near me one that's 10 ft away and the other one that is 43 ft away so for those who have T-Mobile who are living near a tower you're better off staying with them

  • Wow way to expensive in comparison with T-Mobile.

  • I'll keep my t-mobile ,, Verizon cost way to much

  • I’ll stick to my T-Mobile home internet I get great speeds and it’s only $50 a month price is locked for as long as I have that service. And it works great for me.

  • Such a rush with 5G installations. Hope it doesn't cause airliners and other aircraft to crash due to interferance to Radar Altimeters. Due to inadequate testing on the radio bands Radar Altimeters rely upon.

  • Such a good video. Do you think this new plan and pricing is better than T-mobile's?

  • Verizon home internet is never going to be available here it doesn't seem. By the way, even though I'm on t mobile home internet, it's not available here now. I tried to see if my rental home would be able to get internet. I typed in the address. Unavailable. It's less than 150 feet from me. I assume they are only going to allow a certain number of people on it.

  • Very informative! My sister in law and I learned a lot from this video!

  • Hi I have the AX11000 router and it has all these advanced settings. (USING T mobile home internet) But when it comes to upnp I don't see a difference in ping in gaming. Is there anything I can do with the modem itself? Like do I need to turn off wifi or is there something I need to do in the router software? Also great video half way through so far

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