1/8 Microsoft Licensing Basics, Models, Fundamentals [SAMexpert's License Management Training]

► Microsoft Licensing basics.
► Microsoft Licensing models.
► How Microsoft Licensing works.


0:00 Countdown and intro
14:35 This training’s calendar, test and registration FAQ
19:26 Disclaimer and Copyright
20:55 What this training is about
24:03 Microsoft Product Terms website demo
29:05 Where you can learn Microsoft Licensing for free
30:15 1st Quiz

32:25 What is a Microsoft software license
39:45 What is a CAL, Client Access License
42:45 Difference between User CAL and Device CAL
45:35 Core CAL, Enterprise CAL, CAL equivalent
46:55 Licensing External User access
50:00 Definition of an External User
52:41 What version of CAL do you need?
56:05 2nd Quiz

1:01:12 Ways to acquire Microsoft licenses
1:06:04 What affects effective licensing terms and conditions
1:07:53 Definitions of “Version” and “Edition”
1:12:50 3rd Quiz

1:17:25 What is Software Assurance
1:21:02 New version rights explained
1:24:15 Gaps in Software Assurance – AVOID
1:28:45 Subscription licences vs Perpetual licenses
1:30:30 4th Quiz

1:32:25 License assignment is mandatory
1:34:53 Licensed User, Licensed Device, Licensed Server
1:36:45 Do not assign licenses like this!
1:39:25 May licenses be reassigned?
1:40:30 Licensing and virtualisation in clusters VMware Hyper-V
1:44:11 License Mobility in Server Farms
1:47:27 How to assign a license, what are the requirements
1:48:30 What happens when Software Assurance expires?
1:49:36 What is Multiplexing explained
1:56:03 Can you run a previous version or edition?
1:58:40 You may not downgrade like this
2:01:19 Some licenses require other licenses
2:02:57 5th Quiz

2:08:09 What is a Microsoft licensing metric
2:09:13 Licensing Office, Project, Visio per device
2:12:57 Licensing Office 365 per user
2:14:02 Licensing Virtual Desktop Access
2:15:22 Licensing Windows 10, Windows 11
2:17:35 Server/CAL licensing model: Exchange, SharePoint
2:20:30 Licensing per processor and processor core – metrics
2:24:01 SQL Server licensing model
2:29:29 Windows Server licensing model
2:35:11 System Center licensing model
2:37:57 Visual Studio licensing model
2:40:42 6th Quiz

2:51:05 Does Microsoft have a right to audit you?
2:52:21 Be careful with these! SAM reviews
2:53:47 How to do a self-assessment
2:55:28 How to find all your licenses
2:57:03 Microsoft License Statement
3:02:12 Free tools to inventory your software
3:05:41 7th Quiz – let’s check your knowledge

3:12:30 Next training session

Training’s page on LinkedIn:

Each of the 8 fortnightly live sessions start at 2:00 PM London (9:00 AM New York, 7:30 PM Delhi) and run for approximately 2-3 hours.

After attending all 8 sessions, you will be given an opportunity to pass an exam and earn a diploma and a digital badge to add to your LinkedIn profile.

We cover core licensing principles, common mistakes, contracts, renewals, negotiations, audits.

Next sessions (little adjustments may be made depending on your feedback):

► Microsoft multi-year agreements explained: Enterprise Agreement, MPSA, MCA (CSP)
► Microsoft Cloud licensing: Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure

► Microsoft Desktop licensing (laptops etc.): on-premise, work from home, BYOL

► Microsoft Datacentre licensing (servers): on-premise, outsourced, Azure

► Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: survival guide

► Microsoft Negotiations: Vendor Management playbook

► Microsoft tools for Development and Test (MSDN): licensing explained

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Registration is only required to be eligible to attend the final exam and get a chance to receive a digital badge and a diploma.

Training is broadcast to YouTube for free.

Recordings will be kept public so you can watch them on demand at your convenience.


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