12 thoughts on “3G vs 4G LTE (Verizon Wireless) On The Motorola XOOM

  • Many companies call HSPA+ 4G. WiMAX is another technology that's called 4G. The one with the brightest future is LTE though.

  • Is 4g and 4g lte seperate things?

  • verizon network is reliable and thats about the same data speeds i get over 3g at least 1 mb down

  • my iPhone 4s gets the same speeds as the LTE on the xoom

  • use wifi when available such as at home or at a coffee shop or at a community building and only use 4G LTE when your out and about driving or walking on the streets.I have 4G LTE and i use wifi all the time and i never go over 1 gb per month using 4G LTE.

  • Don't feel left out. No iPhone currently on the market has LTE. Some are marketed as 4G but they aren't true 4G. Its only HSPA+ not LTE.

  • to bad i have the iphone 4s for sprint not att… mine would have that ;,(

  • that shits fast!!! seriously considering an LTE phone over my iphone 4

  • My broadband download at home is 3mb (at very best) down and 500kb up :/

  • Lol I was watching this video and commercial on the XOOM was on my TV

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