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50. CCNP Encor + Enarsi | OSPF – Introduction to LSA Types | CCNP Full Hindi Course

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CCNP Encor + Enarsi Complete Hindi Course – Video 50
OSPF – Open Shortest Path First: Introduction to LSA Types

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OSPF in Hindi
what is ospf metric
what is ospf reference bandwidth
how to change ospf reference bandwidth
OSPF metric
area border router
autonomous system bounday router
OSPF multicast ip
OSPF area concept
OSPF backbone area
OSPF dijkstra algorithm
dijkstra algorithm

OSPF timers
OSPF tables
OSPF database
OSPF neighbors
spf algorithm
shortest path first algorithm
working of spf
working of shortest path first algorithm
how spf works
what is dijkstra algorithm
what is the working of dijkstra algorithm
how dijkstra algorithm works

link state advertisements
lsa in ospf
how lsa works
lsa sequence numbers
link state protocol
what is a link state protocol
why ospf is called a link state protocol
OSPF packet types
OSPF finite state machines
OSPF neighbor state machines
OSPF LSA types

How to configure OSPF
How to configure single area OSPF
How to configure multi area OSPF
Backbone area is OSPF
Types of routers in OSPF
DR/BDR concept
OSPF DR/BDR concept
DR/BDR election process
OSPF router id
Function of DR/BDR in OSPF
OSPF timers
OSPF databases

OSPF in Hindi by Network Nuggets
OSPF by Network Nuggets
OSPF by Kuldeep Sir
OSPF by Kuldeep
OSPF in Hindi BY Kuldeep sir

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  • you said a router send with 25 and one router send with 35 so how 25 seq number become master early u said that large seq number will become master

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  • Sir your explanation is quite good and audio quality is also good. Keep uploading more videos over CCNA & CCNP. 👍🏻

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