7 Days to Die: Wasteland | THE MUTANT BUNKER COMPLEX (9)

Welcome to 7 Days to Die Wasteland Modded Zombies adventure. Join us as we explore this zombie infested open world and try to survive in the urban apocalypse, inspired by the Fallout Video game series.

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26 thoughts on “7 Days to Die: Wasteland | THE MUTANT BUNKER COMPLEX (9)

  • man i still remember watchin the original series like it was yesterday… 😭😭😭😭

  • Damn. This episode was a blast! My hear skipped a bit the moment you guys ran into thst car and almost blew yourselves up. Honestly, i won't ever forget ths ttime Meaty ran the Jeep into a chainlink fence andnit made the most cursed sound i've heard to this day and you two just blew up after a few seconds of agonizing torture.

  • love the videos yall are putting out, can't get enough of them TBH. but also, the wastetek plant is just a mutant compound, i cant wait for yall to find a real vault… it'll be CHAOTIC

  • Daily 7 Days to Die >>>>>>>>> Daily CoD Zombies… stopped watching zombies videos because it's just the same old stuff.

  • Meaty, if you & gunns come across a red rocket DO NOT SHOOT THEM. They are friendly & they have a trader with quests. Plus it's a good spot to camp for a few nights.

  • Been watching YAW from around 2017-18ish? Have always enjoyed watching zombies. used to watch 3-4 zombies vids every day, But alas, I now only have the time for 1-2 zombies a week. However, I watch all of YAW's chapteresk vids; left for dead, out for blood, 7 days (love 7 days), ect. ect…………….

    Thanks to the both of you for the entertainment you have/will provide to, we, your viewers.

  • Cazador that’s what those big bugs are they can be collected to get mod food ingredients and anti venom ingredients too bad the bodies weren’t collected

  • At 53:00 when Meaty was in the pay off the vents covering the back of the room from where he entered there is 3 vault tec containers behind it.

  • To bad this mod didn't come with the cheese cake machine 😂

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