Ansible Installation in Centos Server | Virtual Environment

In this video, we have described how you can install ansible in Linux or centos operating system easily. I took a couple of commands to get it installed and you can also try with the same way, if you have any queries then let me know.

Can I install Ansible on CentOS?
How install Ansible on a Linux server?
Can we install Ansible tower on CentOS 7?
Where is Ansible installed?
What is Ansible is used for?
What is Ansible in Devops?
Is Ansible a programming language?
Is Ansible for free?
Is Ansible easy to learn?
What is Ansible used for?
How can I learn Ansible fast?
What programming language does Ansible use?

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  • Hi, can you please explain how to write an ansible playbook in a simple way? it's a bit confusing regarding spaces I think it's called indentation. I am not from a programming background. Please its a request

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